Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 3

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Part 3

The inn’s dining hall──
At the current hour, it was a place flourishing with Demi-humans having dinner.
Diablo, Rem and Alicia reached their seats without ordering anything.
What was promised was a span of five minutes.
Only five minutes.
They could hear the sound of a pipe.
──So he really had her hear a musical performance……It’s an unpleasant tune, but does he really have that much confidence in it?
Shera’s reaction also made it seem that she thought it was bad.
Diablo considered the sound of the pipe that entered his ears as unpleasant.
And then, without understanding how any fragment of it was any good right up until the end, the sound of the pipe vanished.
「Alicia, how much time is left?」
「Just another ten seconds.」
Staring at the pocket watch that had the crest of the State Knights engraved on it, she said that.
In this world, it was a considerably high-class item. It was hand-made right down to the minute gear. It was worth its weight in gold.
There were footsteps coming down the stairs.
Kiira had come along.
As usual, he had an indecent smile that seemed to scoff at you expressed on his mouth.
Shera’s figure wasn’t there.
Diablo confronted Kiira.
「Where’s Shera?」
「Where you ask. If she isn’t here, then she’s in the room. Isn’t that something that you could tell even without thinking about it?」
Rem enquired.
「……Seeing as how she’s not together with you, that means that Shera said that she didn’t want to go back, correct?」
「Ask that to the person herself. If I were to say that she said that she wanted to go home, would you believe me? Are you stupid?」
「……That’s true……I had lost my composure.」
So that meant that she was that worried.
Passing by Kiira’s side, Rem went up the stairs. Alicia also followed.
Diablo glared at Kiira.
「You’ll keep your promise, right?」
「You’re really repetitive, you know? Still, Demon──Diablo, was it? There’s something that I want to tell you.」
「What is it?」
「Same to you, you’re going to respect Shera’s will the most, right? I thought I would go ahead and confirm that. Supposing that Shera changed her mind, even if you don’t like that, don’t go grumbling about it, got it? If she says that she’ll return to our country, it’s not like you can use the 《Slavery Choker》 and force her not to, right? Let’s do this without any of that.」
「You’ve said it, right? Alright, now then, I’ll be going back. If I get lost in town and don’t return by eight o’clock, the town will be hit with something terrible after all, won’t it?」
「If you do something stupid, I’ll make you regret it as you burn.」
「Haha, I won’t. Oh, that’s right……It looks like Shera is still wavering, but she’ll probably realise her true answer soon. For the sake of that time, be sure to settle any baggage that she has.」
「The promise was that you would have your army withdraw, wasn’t it? Do you intend on breaking it?」
Kiira shrugged his shoulders.
「Unlike you, I’m well-bred, so I’ll absolutely keep my promise. I’ll have them pull out by tomorrow. Though, Shera will probably be with them at that time.」
Shera should have said that she wouldn’t go back. Despite that, what is with this attitude?
While smiling looking like he was elated with success, Kiira left the inn.

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