Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 10

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Part 10

The 《Kohigashi Forest》──
It was a forest that was to the east of Seplia Lake.
Going from Faltra City, it was located to the southeast.
The many trees that had dark emerald green leaves growing on them were thick and overgrown.
They cautiously continued on through that forest that gave such an eerie impression with Alicia’s guidance.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, this 《Kohigashi Forest》 should have been a place where monsters appear reasonably often.
He remembered it as if there were a lot of wild ferocious beasts.
In terms of the game, it was an area that could be entered while still in the opening.
The suitable level was around 40. It was a place where Players that were somehow able to reach Faltra City would earn experience points before going to the Demon King territory in the west.
However, there wasn’t any presence of animals in the surroundings.
Wild animals were much more attuned to danger than people of the Races. Most likely, they probably noticed the Elves and ran away.
It didn’t exist in this world, but in Cross Reverie, there was a radar on the screen that would display a map of the area and living creatures.
However, it wouldn’t display those that were hiding using Hide Skills.
The result of putting “presence” into a game-like representation was probably the radar.
It felt like the Elves were being concealed nearby, but they weren’t able to feel their presence.

Past noon, around the time they started to think that they should be having lunch──
Alicia suddenly came to a halt.
Fixedly, she gazed at the trunk of a tree that was standing in front of them.
Diablo followed her gaze.
He understood that a pattern was lightly drawn so that it wouldn’t stand out on the trunk of the standing tree.
Looking like it were scratched on with a knife, it was a pattern that combined a triangle and a single line.
Alicia turned her head, lowered her voice, and talked.
「It seems to be around here.」
Rem muttered.
「……What shall we do? Even if we try to trespass, if we get noticed by the Elves, I believe that it will be hard to go to where Shera is.」
Diablo snorted his nose.
「Hmph……You guys, what are you saying? In spite of only coming to visit Shera, why must we be so sneaky about it?」
「……However, do you think they will let us meet her?」
Rem was expecting the Elves to not let them meet with Shera.
Diablo was also of the same opinion.
However, in addition to Shera’s all too sudden change of mind, if the Elves were even say that they weren’t allowed to meet with her, it was already like saying that the Elves had manipulated Shera with magic.
It was a somewhat rough theory but──it was plenty for them to make a serious effort.
And then, they also didn’t have time.
The Elves were hidden with Hide Skills, but Diablo’s group didn’t have such skills.
Even if they were continue on while hiding themselves, they would be noticed eventually.
If that’s the case──
After taking in a deep breath, Diablo shouted.
「Oi! You Elves! I know that you’re here! If you don’t come out, I’ll burn you all away together with the forest!」
The many trees in the surroundings shook.
And then──
In the distance, from up in the trees, 10 Elves carrying bows appeared.
That wasn’t all.
In succession, Elves were gushing out from the various trees of the forest.
20, 30, 40, 50……
Since it was nothing but people that wore emerald green clothing that looked almost indistiguishable from the many trees, he wasn’t sure if he was able to make an accurate count of them, but at the very least, it was certain that there was more that 100 people. It might even be 200 people.
It was more than the Feudal Lord predicted.
If this were the game, it seemed like a processing lag would occur even if the image quality were to be lowered. Concurrently, there was no way one would go against this many opponents.
Accompanied by Rem and Alicia behind him, Diablo and the Elven army stared at each other.
Among the Elf army, there was one person standing at the head that Diablo recognized.
Before, among the Elven elites that ambushed them in the 《Man-Eating Forest》 in order to take back Shera, that young man was there.
His name was──
「──You were called Selsio, right?」
「Y, yes……How kind of you to remember.」
With a nervous countenance, Selsio came forward.
Diablo spoke frankly and made a request.
「I want to meet with Shera. Can I have you guide me?」
「I’m sorry, but that isn’t possible. We have been ordered by Prince Kiira to not allow anyone to pass.」
──As I thought.
His words were something that supported Diablo’s conjecture. Shera was probably manipulated due to a magic that Diablo didn’t know of.
Rem gulped.
Alicia muttered 「Unforgivable」.
Diablo asked a question once more. He no longer felt like taking up too much time.
「Shera was manipulated through magic, right? Was it that pipe?」
Selsio expressed a distressed facial expression but──
「I cannot answer that!」
He obstinately refused to answer.
He probably was diligent and had a personality that didn’t make lies. That facial expression, that tone of voice, those eyes, they all informed them of the truth.
Diablo revealed his anger.
「You, so you knew about it and obeyed!? Do you think that making a fool that would manipulate his own true younger sister with magic into a king is something that would benefit your country!?」
「The future of the Elves, is something that the Elven King will decide! Kiira-sama, the one that will be the next king, decided that he must have a child with Shera-sama in order to enrich the country……We believe in future prosperity, and only obey the king……Otherwise, the country will break!」
Diablo roared.

「Using position as an excuse and abandoning the ability to judge good and evil is what you call a slave disposition, you damned fool!」

「It, it’s for the country!」
Selsio paired an arrow with his bow.
Successively, the other Elves did the same thing.
The sound of bowstrings being drawn could repeatedly be heard.
200 arrowhead were simultaneously pointed towards Diablo.
He called out to Rem and Alicia.
「Stay behind me.」
「Diablo-sama, there’s no way you can defend against that large amount of arrows, you know!?」
「……It’s fine. Let’s leave it to him. I also find it dreadful but……More than that, I believe in Diablo.」
Diablo raised the War Scythe overhead.
「So it’s for your country. In that case, you’ve made a mistake, Selsio! What you should have tried to not provoke wasn’t the Prince’s wrath, but mine!」
Selsio shouted.
200 arrows were fired.
The arrows that shrouded the sky looked like a black rain.
Diablo held out his left hand.
He chanted.
「《Volcanic Wall》!」
In front of him, the ground burst open. Flames jetted out. Those flames rose even higher than the trees of the forest, enough to make one question if it didn’t reach the sky.
The Elves raised screams.
The magic that was like a cataclysm turned those arrows that were fired by the hands of people into ash in an instant, even burned the surrounding trees, and blew away everything.
Within that forest that closed off people’s field of vision, only the ground in front of Diablo’s group had been changed into thoroughly burned rocks and soil.
──Ye~ah, this magic does a lot of damage to the plot of land.
It was a level 80 Fire and Earth attribute magic. Flames were made to spout out from the ground like an eruption and make a flame wall.
How it occurred fast and how it became a shield made it easy to use.
Since the attack was face to up above, it surprisingly had a narrow range.
On the other side where the air was still warped due to the heat, Selsio’s face was cramped.
「……No way……That’s impossible!」
「I could have turned you all into ash with an even more powerful magic but……It would be troublesome if the guide to Shera’s whereabouts were to disappear.」
「Kuh……Certainly, you are strong……However, don’t……underestimate Elves!」
「Behind you!」
Rem shouted, and Alicia drew her sword.
──You’re telling me they came from behind!?
The Elves inside the forest displayed their highly efficient Hide Skills.
Being a Demon and a Magician, Diablo wasn’t very good in perceiving traps and ambushes.
As a result, he was late in noticing that the enemy had gotten close right behind him.
The Elven Warrior attacked with a dagger.
Alicia defended against it with her sword.
「I won’t let you near Diablo-sama!」
Slashing at the Elf’s shoulder, blood scattered.
At the same time, Rem threw some crystals.
「Come forth, 《Aslau》! And also, 《Stone Man》!」
She called out a Summoned Beast that had the shape of a gigantic bull and possessed three horns. Moreover, even a gigantic stone statue appeared. Eyes and a mouth couldn’t be found on its square head, but it felt like it was glaring at the Elves.
While being a Summoner, Rem also easily handled close combat with her agileness that was becoming of a Pantherian.
Three versus 200 had only become five versus 200 but……
When fighting an enemy where one doesn’t know where the attacks will come from, he thought that increasing the number of things to be used as shields was very effective.
──Surprisingly, Summoned Beasts are pretty useful.
Diablo advanced forward.

P 288

 The trees that they could possibly hide in were already reduced to ash.

 Just as much as he had advanced forward, the Elves stepped back.

「Hmph……If you say that you are going to lay down your life for the sake of a foolish prince, then you should come at me!」

 Several people ran away.

 However, there were still some Elves that were facing him. So as not to kill them, he fired magic towards the ground.

 As he thought that Shera was just beyond here, he found it difficult to hold down the feeling of impatience.

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  1. This chapter……
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    i have no words to express this disappointed rage.
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    • If you recall, he was asked by Shera to not kill any of the elves if at all possible. He also commented that he didn’t want to take lives unless he was pushed into a situation where it is unavoidable.

      To say it in a demon king like way, Does it look like he’s being pushed?

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  2. While a slaughter would have been satisfying, I can’t really blame these idiots for being loyal to an even worse idiot.
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  4. Once again, hes going carebear mode… So much for demon lord play hey… All 200 of them are attempting to kill him, and he just wants to give them a little smack on the ass. Thats his approach.


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