Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 1

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Part 1

Returning to the large room that they rented at the inn 《Relief Inn, Twilight Store》, Diablo was throughly tired.
This was similar to the tired feeling from MP consumption.
It wasn’t as much as when he used MP up, but in this situation where it wouldn’t be strange for a fight with the Elves to happen at any time, that might have been careless of him.
Incidentally, the wall that was destroyed due to the attackers was firmly closed up, although there were traces of the maintenance being done.
He was surprised at the fact that it was something that could be fixed in a single day. Maybe it was earth-type magic. Or maybe they had excellent construction skills.
Diablo placed the War Scythe near the bed.
In preparation for an attack, this was the only thing he didn’t put in the pouch.
And then, he sat down on the bed.
Rem sat down beside him.
「……I’m somewhat, worn out.」
That couldn’t be helped, since they had continuously gone through things that forced them to have mental strain since morning.
When he casually looked over, Alicia was around the doorway, standing as if she were a guard.
And then, Shera was also standing stock still.
「Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well……」
Some time ago, she had been filled with Diablo’s magical power. He had also seen the 《Slavery Choker》’s magical power structure.
He became worried, thinking “isn’t this the effects of that showing”.
Shera shook her head.
「I’m totally, fine. In fact, I’m full of energy, you know? At least my body is. But……when I think about how all the trouble that you guys went through throughout the day is all my fault……I’m sorry.」
Rem denied her immediately.
「……As I thought, you really are an idiot. The turmoil this time around is due to the arrogant demands of the Greenwood Kingdom, and not your fault at all, Shera.」
「You think so……?」
「……To begin with, while it may be true that their princess had run away from home, it’s too lacking in common sense to insinuate war with the country that she ran away to. I can’t think of it was a country that has good sense.」
Alicia nodded in agreement.
「In my own personal opinion, I also must affirm that the Greenwood Kingdom’s behavior is terribly rude. They should properly understand that it is Shera-sama that is suffering from this situation.」
Diablo was also of the same feeling.
However, if he were able to skillfully express those kinds of subtleties of his heart, he wouldn’t be having his communication disorder. That’s why he kept silent.
──As the number of people increases, it feels like my own presence is gradually disappearing, doesn’t it?
Going “no, no”, he cast aside that negative thought.
There was only one thing that Diablo could do for Shera’s sake.
──I’ll avoid this war.
It was for that reason that he cooperated with various people after all.
Rem asked a question.
「Alicia-san, where you intend to sleep?」
Diablo, Rem, and Shera were staying in the large room. The room was spacious, but the bed could be considered narrow for all three of them.
Depending on the place he put his hands, an incident would occur.
Four people would probably be impossible.
「Since I have rented the room next door, there is no need for you to worry.」
Rem made a disappointed looking face.
「……Is that so.」
Ever since they had been kept waiting at the Slave shop with just the two of them, it felt like they had gotten along a bit better. Since it looked like Rem didn’t have many friends, that was a good thing.
Alicia placed her hand on the doorknob.
「I thought that everyone would need some private time. I am ascertaining the facts as His Majesty the King’s eyes and……if need be, have the position of conveying the thoughts of the Lifelia Kingdom. I have no intentions of going as far as observing your private lives.」
Diablo was relieved in his heart.
If there were going to be three girls in the bed, he would be, beyond doubt, sleeping on the floor.
His outward appearance was a composed nod.
「You should do as you like.」
「Thank you very much. Well then, if you’ll excuse──」
A whistling sound overlapped her words.
It was whistling in a strange tone.

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