Chapter 2: Trying Out Undoing the Seal – Part 3

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Part 3

《Starfall Tower》 Rooftop──
Diablo, Rem, Shera, Alicia, and Edelgart, all five of them came in front of the stone altar that was in the center.
Edelgart began to explain.
「For Demon King-sama to revive~, there is only the person of Races that is the seal container has to die, or Demon King-sama’s soul is filled with magical power……Still take hundreds of years~, maybe?」
Rem’s body stiffened.
「……Then, this ritual, it’s meant to fill Krebskrem’s soul with magical power, is that right?」
「That’s, right.」
Edelgart turned towards Diablo’s direction.
「Pour your magical power~, into Demon King-sama’s soul. When done~, able to revive Demon King-sama soon, should. Probably. Priest said so.」
Rem was uneasy. *Kokun*, she gulped.
「……It seems……I have no choice but to believe you.」
Certainly, it was a story that was like catching a cloud.
Information meant to help make a decision, was overwhelmingly insufficient. There was no way to make sure that Edelgart’s words were true.
Rem extended her hand to Diablo.
With both of her small hands, she grasped his right hand which held 《The Staff of Tenma》.
「Wh, what?」
「……Diablo……I, am unable to trust the Demonic Beings.」
「Is that so. In that case, shall we stop?」
「No, let us perform the ritual. Most likely, by storing magical power, Krebskrem will probably revive. At that time, whether I’ll be saved or not, is something I don’t know.」
「Even so, I don’t mind. More than my own life, I want to defeat Krebskrem. If it is you, that is possible……It is definitely possible. That’s why, I, will believe in you, Diablo.」
*Jii*, she gazed at him.
It was a face that showed she was betting her life.
As the egg of the Demon King that would one day revive, she chose not to live a life of quietly hiding, and had a face of someone chose to fight.
Bathed in moonlight, that figure was too beautiful.
Diablo placed her hand on her shoulder.
「I shall equally exterminate all those that oppose me.」
These words were not something he planned to say to relieve her.
It was an act to be Demon King-like, but they were also Diablo’s true feelings. He would defeat Krebskrem.
And then, if something were to happen to Rem’s body, he had no intentions of forgiving Edelgart either.
Edelgart urged them to the altar.
「Well, then~……Lie here!」
It was the place where he opened his eyes when he came to this world.
Rem lied down on the altar.
「……Is this alright?」
「Good. Thenー……Pour magical power.」
She turned her gaze towards him.
That was his duty. Diablo tried to make it so that the nervousness in his heart didn’t appear on the surface.
「Do I, not use some kind of tool? You made preparations for the ritual, right?」
「Underfoot~, magic formation. Amplifies poured magical power? Does.」
「Is that all?」
「Other things, needed?」
Edelgart tilted her head.
Pouring magical power probably meant the act that he learned from Medios the shopkeeper at the slave shop and had tried on Shera.
Although he had just happened to have learned it……
If Diablo didn’t know the way to pour magical power, the ritual would have failed right here.
It probably would have turned into a atmosphere that would make him feel like running away.
In his mind, he went “Thank goodness I learned how to do itー!!” and cried out banzai.
──Still, Edelgart looks like she has a pretty haphazard personality.
In proportion to her strange way of speaking, she surprisingly thought a lot about things. She also had knowledge, and was calm. Governing one of the three factions, just doing that was good.
However, she also had a part of her that left things to momentum.
Or maybe, could it be that she acquired the information that Diablo was able to pour magical power?
And for this reason, she made this proposal?
Shera blushed.
「Umm……by pour magical power……you mean “that”, right?」
Diablo nodded.
「Most likely.」
「That, huh……Rem, will you be alright?」
「……I, I’m prepared. But, this ritual is meant to revive Krebskrem……and then, defeat it. It is something serious.」
Before, Shera had playfully poured magical power into Rem. Probably remembering that, Rem’s face also turned red.
「Y, yeah. Do your best!」
Edelgart stopped Shera who tried to get closer to Rem.
「Magic formation get disarrayed. So~ unrelated things, get away.」
「That so……」
「Just leave it all to me!」
Diablo approached the altar.
*Fuwah* The magic formation that was drawn in the surroundings floated up in a bluish-white color.
Even on the altar that Rem was lying on, there were fine patterns and letters were closely packed and written.
She quivered.
「……Fufu……Since the time, I decided to become an Adventurer, I had resolved myself for almost everything. However, to think that I would have the magical power from a Demon King poured into me, while on top of a magic formation drawn by Demonic Beings, this was outside of my imagination.」
「You should count the number of stars in the sky or something. It will end at once.」
──It will end at once, right?
Pouring magical power requires concentration. He had only just learned it, so he wasn’t able to continuously do it for that long.
He touched Rem’s body. First, he placed his right hand on her stomach. It felt pleasantly cool, and was soft.
She leaked out a small sigh.
「Are you alright?」
「Yes, it was a bit, ticklish is all.」
「If it’s painful, you should tell me immediately.」
The top and bottom of Rem’s clothes were separated. He touched her naked navel with his hand, and read the flow of magical power.
The strong stream created a swirl with her heart at the center.
It was a pattern that differed from the time with Shera.
He decided to try pouring magical power there.
The muscles along Rem’s spine quivered.
From the side, Edelgart interrupted.
「Wro~ng~, that. Wrong. That not Demon King-sama, that Pantherian! Putting magical power there, wrong.」
「Fumu, I see.」
He read the information more prudently.
Within the flow of Rem’s magical power, there was a gooey mass.
In the depths of her navel huh……
No, even further below.
Even if he read the flow of magical power, he couldn’t tell the color. Or that’s how it should have been, but it was black. It was as if there was a bottomless hole open inside of Rem.
It wasn’t like he had read everyone’s magical power, but at the very least, it was different from Shera’s. Most likely it was different from Diablo’s as well.
No wonder Medios made a dubious face.
「So it’s here……」
He poured magical power.
Just like before, Rem’s body quivered.
「Mu……It isn’t reaching.」
Because it was deep within, the magical power wasn’t quite reaching. It felt like at least half was streaming towards Rem.
Edelgart talked sounding displeased.
「Like that~, not enough. Won’t cross over to Demon King-sama? Better if stab finger in.」
「……Wait. Did you say, finger?」
「Right. Like *Dosu*~, with that feeling.」
「Rejected. I won’t allow a single scratch on her skin, well, I won’t go that far, but if I were to do that, it would concern Rem’s life.」
「Mu~, people of Races weak……Just a hole or two……Right. Hole. There was a hole? Is.」
She came to the side of the altar, and pointed.
The Demonic Being had said that no one was to get close, but since the ritual wasn’t proceeding favorably, he decided to not mention such trifles.
More importantly, her proposal was a huge problem.
「……What, was that?」
「If insert finger from here~, even if don’t stab skin, it alright?」
「You, are you ridiculing me!?」
「Edelgart~, hate……jokes.」
Rem let out a small voice.
「……ease do it.」
「Please, do it……Diablo. If that is what is needed.」
「U, gu……No……Uumu」
The watching Shera raised a voice saying 「I don’t, really get it but, go for it!」.
Alicia kept silent and watched intently.
Diablo nodded.
「Yosh! You should tell me if it hurts! I will at least wait!」
His voice felt like it was going to quiver.
Once again, he extended his hand towards her body.
To the closest place that that existence deep inside of her body was.
──This, is an action meant to pour magical power to Demon King Krebskrem’s soul!
Diablo extended his hand to Rem’s abdomen.
「I am going to take it off.」
「Y, yes……」
Putting his hand on her spats, he slipped them down. The area around her hips was exposed to the air.
And then, he extended his hand between both her legs.
So as to not turn his eyes towards there as much as possible, or rather, so as to immediately tell if Rem was in pain, he looked at her face.
Groping about, he searched for the entrance to her innermost area.
*Piku* Rem’s eyelashes quivered.
「O, oi?」
「I’m……I’m alright……You just touched, a place that is a bit, sensitive……Please continue, without minding me. If it seems unreasonable, I’ll be sure to say so after all.」
「Is that so.」
Before, Rem said that she was fourteen years old.
──Is this alright?
No, because she is a Pantherian, it is hard to believe that they would have the same standards as Humans. According to the setting in MMORPG Cross Reverie, Elves live to around 300 years. Also, that the other Demi-humans in general have longevity.
Diablo stopped worrying about such minor details, and focused on the deed.
Shera, who was watching from a small distance away, was blushing.
「Eh? Eh? This is a ritual……right?」
「Of course it is.」
Alicia answered.
When Diablo’s fingertips arrived at Rem’s precious place, her back bent back.
「S, so it’s here.……」
「Nnn, ah! Ahh! It……it’s in……Diablo, is en, ter……ing……me.」
It went in easier than he thought it would.
It was soft, and it was as if it was viscously coiling around him.
With his fingertip having entered just a bit, it was still too far from Krebskrem. There wasn’t a great difference from when he had placed his hand on top of her stomach.
He pushed further in.
Rem’s breathing became stiff.
「Hanghuu! Kufuuuu……Uuuu! Nn, ah! Ha! Ha!」
「Just a bit more.」
Diablo pushed his middle finger inside.
Her body temperature was being transmitted to him clearly. It was tightly pressing on him.
And then, he also felt magical power.
──I’ve come close to you, Krebskrem!
「Here I come! Rem!」
Going as if trying to lift up her waist with only his middle finger, he pushed it in even deeper. He poured magical power in.
Rem raised a high-pitched voice.
The magical power released from Diablo streamed to the jet black cavity that was deep within her.
Edelgart narrowed her eyes.
「R, ight……That~, good……Should be」
「AH! AH! AH! HIAH! NHAaaaa! D, don’t, too stro……No, just like that! Nnhaa……Aguuuuu! Th, the innermost area of my stomach is……hot……It, it feels like I’m burning up……Uuuu!」
「Not yet! More!」
He poured in all of the magical power that he had. He held nothing in reserve.
Now that they had gone this far, he was going to absolutely revive Krebskrem, and beat it down!
The magic formation that was drawn underfoot was releasing enough radiance that it was dazzling.
It was amplifying Diablo’s magical power.
Within Rem, the swelling discharge of magical power was raging. It stirred up her insides, and her body had spasmed on top of the altar many times over.
「HAuuUUUGUAH! AGUH! NN! Ku, tsufuu! AH! G, going in so deep……Naaaah, gouging me out……Tsuhaa……NN! I’m, I’m going cra……zy……HA! AH! NHAAH! AAAAaaaa……AAaah!」
The consumption of magical power was too much, and he was starting to feel dizzy.
A sensation similar to a dull pain reverberated from his spine to the inside of his head.
He started to lose feeling in his fingertips as if they were melting from the heat, as if he had become one with Rem’s body.
Nevertheless, Diablo thrust deep within her.
「HYAUN! Fua! AH! AAHHH! NHAaAH! HOT! IT’S HOT! Diablo……I, I’m……already……HAFU! This is……m, making me feel……like I’ll go crazy……NN!」
「Yeah, you’ve started to overflow.」
The poured in magical power was overflowing from the deep hole that was within Rem.
──So Krebskrem has had its fill!
As if to make the finishing blow, he released the remaining magical power deep into her.
「KUOOOOH! Reach it!」
「Nnnnnu! AH! HHIGUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuu─────────ッ!!」
While scratching her insides, Diablo pulled out his finger.
Fluids fell onto the altar.
──It’s coming!!
Something was coming out from within the deep hole.

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      — The watching Shera raised a voice saying 「I don’t, really get it but, go for it!」. —
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      • Diablo has high-grade mana recovery potions in his item bag (he hasn’t used any cause he doesn’t have the ingredients to make more yet), and may I remind you that a high-grade health potion caused Emil to be healed and full of boundless energy for 3 days? Something tells me a high-grade MP potion would be enough to more or less enough to recover Diablo’s MP. Also, fairly certain Krebskrem is a girl (Demon Lord is a gender-neutral title after all) based on the cover art and the obvious boobs in the illustration of a “giant covered in a purple carapace” on this site. Another thing, Shera had previously said that the thing in Rem had a huge mana amount, but not as much as Diablo. Even with spells, they won’t work on Diablo so limited to only using physical attacks and magic on itself. Last thing, I don’t believe parameters like MP and such can be forcefully increased by anything except intense fighting conditions/training, otherwise, Shera and Rem’s overall mana pool would have increased back when it was done to them, but it didn’t. Only made them “hot and bothered” to say the least. So things will probably work out for Diablo just fine.

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