Chapter 2: Trying Out Flying Through the Sky – Part 3

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Part 3

*Gaba* Lumachina sprang up.
She saw a dream where the female Holy Knight that allowed her to escape had fallen into a hole in the ground.
──Nuh-uh, that wasn’t a dream.
Lumachina turned her gaze towards her own body. She was wearing a light brown hemp one piece that is often seen in towns. She was secretly relieved that she wasn’t naked.
And then, she surveyed her surroundings.
It was an unfamiliar room.
There were inorganic stone walls, and a wooden board ceiling that looked like it would leak. On the wall, the flame of a candle swayed, and that was the only light source.
Appearing to already be nighttime, the outside that could be seen from the small window was pitch dark.
If there wasn’t anyone else in the room, she probably would have thought that she was placed into a prison, and would have felt anxious.

In the vicinity of the bed, there were two girls──an Elf and a Pantherian.

The Elf brought her face near.
Her chest was excessively big, but going by her long ears and her countenance, she should be an Elf.
「Waah, she woke up! Thank goodnessー」
「……Are you alright? We did some medical treatment to the gashes on your legs, but are there any other places that hurt?」
Possessing black ears, tail, and hair, she was a rare black panther type Pantherian. She looked at her face with a worried look.
「Eh? Ah, erm……」
The two of them were beautiful, or rather, really cute.
However, the iron rings on their necks──She was worried about the things that were most likely 《Slave Chokers》 that were attached to them.
The young Pantherian girl uneasily asked her some questions.
「……Could it be that your memories are in disorder? What is your name?」
「My name is……」
Her absentminded head rapidly became clear.
「Ah, it is Lumachina Weselia. It’s alright, I properly remember it.」
「……Thank goodness. I am Rem Galeu. As you can see, I am a Pantherian, and I work as an Adventurer.」
「And I’m Shera! I’m an Elf!」
「……Lumachina, this is a bit sudden but……there are a lot of things I would like for you to explain but……above all, there is one important question I have for you.」
Since Rem’s expression was all too serious, Lumachina became nervous.
「Wh, what might that be?」
「……Diablo didn’t do anything strange to you, did he? More specifically, things like touching this and that, or pinching you, or licking you, or doing, um……*mutter mutter* with his fingers……」
As she was talking, Rem blushed, and her voice became quieter.
Lumachina also looked like fire would come out from her face.
She properly remembered that she was saved from a dangerous spot while she was completely naked.
「B, by Diablo, do you mean the Kami-sama that saved me? In that case, of course, I swear that he absolutely did not commit s, such filthy taboos.」
She didn’t know about when she lost consciousness, but there was no way Kami-sama would commit such crimes.
Going *Fuu~~~*, Rem breathed a deep sigh.
「……Thank goodness.」
「Ahaha! We were really surprised when Diablo came carrying Lumachina-chan back. We thought that he attacked you.」
「……That’s unbelieveable, is what I thought but……since we couldn’t completely deny it, I was worried that something had happened.」
「Diablo, at times he does nothing but say “ah, yeah”, doesn’t he.」
「……For some reason, there are times where he dislikes saying words. It really is troubling.」
This time, Lumachina made a question.
「Um, you girls, what sort of relationship do you have with Kami-sama?」
「……Who do you mean by Kami-sama? Are you talking about Diablo?」
Rem made a verification, and Lumachina nodded.
「The personage that rescued me.」
Shera held her own choker.
「Ya see, Diablo is, our owner I guess.」
「No way!? Kami-sama has slaves!?」
「You’re wrongー. This isn’t a 《Slave Choker》, it’s a 《Slavery Choker》. Erm, when we summoned a Demon King at 《Starfall Tower》, thanks to his Magic Reflection……」
She did her best in her own way to give an explanation, but Lumachina couldn’t really understand it.
Rem made a summary.
「Diablo is, the leader of our Adventurer party, and a companion.」
「Is that, so.」
──Kami-sama is a companion? An Adventurer?
She made a verification just to be sure.
「Um……The personage called Diablo, he is Kami-sama, isn’t he?」
「……He is a Chemical Element Magician. He’s outlandishly strong.」
「He always says “I am the Demon King of another world”.」
Lumachina held her head.
「Th, the one that saved me should have been Kami-sama……If he wasn’t, then I’ll be troubled……」
「……And why is that?」
Rem tilted her head.
While blushing, Lumachina muttered.
「It’s because……my skin……was seen.」
「……What about it?」
Shera blurted out 「We also show that normally, right?」, and was hit by Rem.
There was something that had been decided in Lumachina’s heart.
「The only one that one’s skin can be shown to, is the gentleman that will be their partner.」
「Like I said, if the personage that is called Diablo isn’t Kami-sama, then I believe that we will have to become a couple. 」
Rem’s tail stood straight up.
「Fuahー!? What are you getting all excited on your own for!? You naked mantle girl!」
「Th, that’s right, you need to properly protect the order of things! First, would be me, right!?」
「EHH, what do you mean by that!? Rem-san and Shera-san, you are only Adventurer party members, aren’t you!?」
Rem turned her gaze away.
「……That’s right.」
「W, well, that might be? But, I think that Diablo likes big ones.」
*Munyu* Shera held up her chest with both hands.
As they were talking about such things, the Diablo in question entered the room.

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