Chapter 2: Trying Out Flying Through the Sky – Part 2

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Part 2

Kami-samaaaa──is what he heard a girl shout out.
*Gushari* He crushed something gigantic.
Maybe there was something below him.
Thanks to that, Diablo was let off without receiving much damage.
At his feet, there was the familiar fallen decayed tree.
Also, there were fragments or pieces of meat of something that seemed plant-like yet animal-like scattered about.
「What is this……Eh!?」
Casually looking to the side, Diablo doubted his own eyes.

There was an extremely beautiful girl.

Her transparent like platinum blonde hair gently waved, and her hazel eyes seemed to suck him in. Her skin was smooth enough to seem like even the skin of the Elves could compare, and her physique had an exquisite balance between mature beauty and an innocent cuteness.
Moreover, she was nude.
It seemed that she wore a dress, but it was destroyed to the point that she could pretty much be considered naked.
The beautiful girl with such an appearance was sitting on the ground. Her legs were opened and facing his way. Her hands were at her back side and supporting her upper body.
The extremely beautiful girl was almost completely naked.
──Was she sunbathing!?
There’s no way that was the case.
The thin cloth that continued its final resistance gently fell, making it so that she was exposed right down to her important spot.
*Gokuri* Diablo made a gulp.
In a bright place like this, this was his first time seeing a “girl” right in front of him. Moreover, she was an extremely beautiful girl. Even though this was their first time meeting.
While tears came out from the corners of her eyes, she asked him a question.

「…………Ka, Kami-sama……is that you?」

So she called him “Kami-sama”. Come to think of it, he did hear her shout out 「Kami-samaaaa!」, didn’t he?
──This is bad. Is she a girl whose head is a bit screwy!?
Just as he was being bewildered with what was going on, a man raised a shriek from behind him.
「Ahhhhhh──!? My darling 《Beast Mushroom》!?」
On that guy’s armor, there was a familiar crest engraved on it.
──This guy, so he’s a Holy Knight.
「You, how could just suddenly fall from the sky like that!? What will you do about my darling 《Beast Mushroom》!? Even though there was only one of them!」
At Diablo’s feet, the fragments of the scattered about plant-like thing vanished and turned into a darkened crystal.
It seemed to be a Summoned Beast.
「Hmph……As if I care about your mushroom.」
When he said such easily understandably hostile words, it showed that even Diablo was getting the mood.
He completely forgot the fact that he misjudged the effect time of the Flight Magic and crashed, and majestically glared at the Holy Knight.
I am the Demon King of another world, Diablo, got it! is what he was going to continue with, but the young girl’s voice interrupted him.
「Wh, what……?」
When he turned around, the beautiful girl was prostrating herself to him in the nude.
She was tightly grasping the holy symbol used in the Church in her hand.
「Ahh, you have finally appeared in front of me! I have always only heard your voice, and since I could not see your figure, I felt so lonely! This Lumachina Weselia, has given my prayers to you this whole time!」
「I, I don’t really care but, wouldn’t it be better for you to wear some clothes?」
Finally, it seems that she noticed her own appearance.
She hid her breast and waist with her hands.
「Kyaaaaaahhhhh~~~~~!? D, don’t look, please don’t look, Kami-sama!」
Her face went bright red.
Even Diablo’s cheeks went hot.
──Kami-sama she says? Is she saying that to me?
At the very least, the one that this young girl called Lumachina was prostating to in the nude was unmistakably Diablo.
──I don’t get what she means.
However, there was no mistake that she was embarrassed.
Diablo took off his mantle, the 《Curtain of Dark Clouds》, and presented it to Lumachina.
「Use this.」
「ッ!? Ah, thank you very much……To have clothes lent to me by Kami-sama……I, I am too blessed……」
Lumachina preciously wrapped her body with the black mantle. A so-called naked mantle. It couldn’t help that that in itself was a bit erotic.
*Han!* The Holy Knight snorted his nose.
「Whaat God! This guy is just some vile Demon! He reeks so much that I can’t stand it. At best, he just jumped down from atop the trees or something!」
「Hmph……You’re wrong. I am──」
「He is Kami-sama! I can tell! My prayers got through to heaven!」
──Girls really don’t listen to what people say!
Still, did she say “prayers”?
He was preoccupied by the girl’s good looks and nude body but……
Once he gathered his senses, he saw that magical power was overflowing from the girl. Right now, it wasn’t enough to create a pillar of light, but evenso, a gigantic flow of magical power could be seen.
It seems that there was no mistake that that pillar of light sprung forth from this young girl called Lumachina.
「Please be careful, Kami-sama. That person called Geibalt is a sinful person unworthy of being a believer, but I estimate his abilities to be very high!」
「No, like I was saying, I am not some God……」
The Holy Knight Geibalt raised a loud voice.
「AHHH, I don’t care anymore! Just as I was going to get her, you went and crushed my darling 《Beast Mushroom》! I’m pissed off now! No playing around. I will murder the both of you!」
Diablo tilted his head.
「What is the meaning of this? I had heard that Holy Knights were envoys of the Church and killed Demon King Worshippers though? Does this one called Lumachina not have a deep faith in God?」
The girl that was hiding her body with Diablo’s mantle right now, hadn’t let go of only her holy symbol even when she had become naked earlier. She was deeply religious to the point of being a bit abnormal.
Geibalt laughed through his nose.
「There’s no way I know about the decisions of the guys of the Church, would there!? Since I was ordered to kill her, I’ll kill her! I don’t need any reason other than that!」
「I see……So it was something like that. You’re no different than a mercenary.」
「I’m completely different. I’m a lot more expensive!」
──So he’s aware of it.
Geibalt threw a crystal at the ground.
A Summoned Beast!
A worm appeared.
「Fumu……It’s a level 60 《Hunter Worm》.」
As expected of a Holy Knight. Saadra, who he fought against before, was the same, but he is on a different scale from the Adventurers in Faltra City.
However, it was no match for Diablo.
He readied the 《Staff of Tenma》.
「I need Wind for the Earth attribute. 《Aero……」
However, he wasn’t able to complete the spell.
The ground underneath his feet collapsed.
A gaping wide hole opened in the ground. Not only Diablo, even the young girl fell into the hole.
From the bottom of the hole, a gigantic mouth drew near.
──A level 80 《Trap Worm》!?
Moreover, a simultaneous summoning!
This Holy Knight Geibalt or whatever, despite his boorish speech and conduct, he was rather strong.
Diablo’s mouth spontaneously turned into a smile.

「Don’t underestimate my AGI!」

While kicking the edge of the 《Trap Worm》’s open mouth and jumping, he grabbed the naked mantle young girl──Lumachina, who had fallen together with him.
She was a girl that was a bit of a pain, but as expected, it would be too pitiful to not save her and let her be eaten by the worm.
Diablo took the young girl along and broke out from the hole.
The Holy Knight Geibalt shouted.
「You’re good, Demon! But with this──ッ!!」
The 《Hunter Worm》 was already approaching.
「If it weren’t like this, it would be mere child’s play. Burst apart! 《Aero Shredder》!」
The approaching Summoned Beast was wrapped up in a green flash, and a thunderous roar was raised.
Pieces of meat flew about.
It returned to being a darkened crystal.
Geibalt opened his eyes wide in astonishment.
「What……in the……world? Th, that’s……the highest grade Chemical Element Magic of the Wind attribute, isn’t it!?」
「Hou, so you knew about it.」
After the limit is broken through, even stronger magic can be learned though.
「Of course I know about it. There is a Holy Knight that can use is as well.」
「Wasn’t Chemical Element Magic weak and out of the question to you all?」
「……Yes, it’s weak……But it’s different when mastered. If it’s about firepower in a single attack, Chemical Element Magic exceeds all others.」
「So you’ve studied it well.」
He was a bit happy.
It seems that the guys that grew close to the level limit have reached the same assessment as the game.
「But you know what, Demon? There’s no way you could fire off such extreme magic that many times, got it!? I still have a lot of Summoned Beasts!」
「Hmph……If you’re fine with something at the level of 《Aero Shredder》, I have enough leeway to fire around 100 of them, you know?」
「D, don’t go making a lie like that!」
「Do not measure me by your standards, you novice.」

Why is it that people decide “because they can’t do something then no one else in the world can do something”.
Come to think of it, even in the MMORPG Cross Reverie’s strategy guide BBS, when a statement that said “since 《Bloody Dance》 can be seen, it’s possible to evade” was posted, they were called a liar.
Something like that is easy!
Since Diablo was also bad at writing, he didn’t make any comments but……
To not dodge after seeing an attack that had six frames (0.1 seconds) from the start of the motion to the occurrence of the attack, how foolish.
Already begin evasion operations the moment you’ve already noticed the attack──deny it after you’ve done at least that much practice, is what he thought.
It’s no good while one’s fingers were doing human movements. The operations of extreme Players, an ordinary person’s eyes becomes unable to keep up with them. There are robots that construct machines at a factory, but having movements with no uselessness in them like that is the ideal.
──If you want to win, then stop being human!

Diablo pointed the 《Staff of Tenma》 towards Geibalt.
「I am also busy you see……I have no interest in keeping all of your Summoned Beasts company. The weakness of Summoners, is that you are weak against ranged attacks! 《Cross Blizzard》!!」
Two tornadoes sprung forth.
All that touched them were frozen over, and on top of that, they were smashed to pieces due to the winds.
Immediately after the standing trees were changed into ice sculptures, they were turned into very small fragments.
It was a magic that was learned at level 110. For guys that haven’t broken through the limit, they probably didn’t even know that it existed.
Geibalt grimaced.
「Wh, wha……What in the world is thaaaattttt──────ッ!?」
The fragments of ice fluttered about, and brought about a wondrous spectacle.
The enemy’s scream was drowned out by the tornadoes’ winds.
There was only the rumbling sound of the wind.
That wind also started to settle.
The ground had been frozen over, and not even a single standing tree was left in the area around them.
Even the terrain had changed but……The Holy Knight was probably defeated.
The young lady Lumachina, who was watching from behind, shivered.
──Shoot! Even though there was a girl with only a single mantle here, I went and used such a cold magic!
「O, oi, are you alright!?」
「Yes. Kami-sama……To be saved by you……I……」
「Hold on a minute, I’ll say this clearly──I am not a God! I am the Demon King of another world, Diablo!」
「Eh? B, but……」
「I am a Demon King.」
「……Even though……Kami-sama’s soul, is so pure……」
*Fura* Lumachina crumbled down.
「Eh!? Oi!?」
He caught her in his arms at the last moment.
She was breathing.
──So she’s just sleeping?
He didn’t understand the reason behind it, but since she released enough magical power that it looked like a pillar of light, it was only natural for her to be exhausted.
「I suppose……there’s no way I could just leave her here.」
Wild animals appear in the 《Kohigashi Forest》 as well. If he were to leave her here, she would be food for wolves or bears.
Reluctantly, Diablo decided to carry her to town.
It was at times like this that Flight Magic seemed convenient, but even though she had a small build, it was impossible for him to do it while carrying someone. The memory of making a blunder and falling was also fresh.
He decided to go steadily and walk.

After Diablo’s group had taken their leave──
The frozen ground caved in.
A hole opened up.
What appeared was a 《Trap Worm》.
*Peh* It spat something out.
What tumbled onto the ground, was the Holy Knight Geibalt.
「Ueeegh~~~! The inside of a Worm, stinnnnkssss~~~~~!! That damned Demon, I’ll crush his balls!」
Also, there was another──
She looked unconscious and was covered in blood, but the female Holy Knight had also tumbled onto the frozen ground.

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  2. Nooo!《Beast Mushroom》, you were too pure for this world.

    “To not dodge after seeing an attack that had six frames (0.1 seconds) from the start of the motion to the occurrence of the attack, how foolish.”
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  3. Say what you want about the fanservice, the occasionally painful “bonding” dialogue, and the fact that at least two of the main girls are underage.

    I have to commend the author for doing three things quite well.
    Firstly, he captures the patheticness of the socially inept well. Second, he’s really good at making hate sink antagonists. And finally, he properly conveys a good deal of high player skill in a world of noob-level egoists.


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