Chapter 2: Trying Out Flying Through the Sky – Part 1

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Part 1

A very sunny early afternoon──
Diablo extended his leg out a bit and stepped into the 《Kohigashi Forest》.
He was further east than where Shera made her contract with her Summoned Beast before.
This time, only Rem and Shera were accompanying him.
No matter how disguised they were, he didn’t want to take Krum and Edelgart, who had no business here, along through the gate.
──It’s been awhile since we acted with just the three of us.
At the inn, they were together with Krum and Edelgart, and as usual, Diablo didn’t have any quests that were big enough to make him go out, and it was all left to Rem and Shera.

They came out to an open grassland slope.
A gentle wind blowed.
There was a grassy scent.
Going *U~~~n!*, Shera raised both arms and stretched out.
「This place feels so good!」
「……I agree.」
Rem nodded. The two never ceased to quarrel over things, but now they got along and smiled.
「Ehehe, Rem, you feel the same way.」
「Fufu……It is pretty rare though.」
「Makes you want to sunbath in the nude, doesn’t it~」
「Fuahー!? I don’t, you perverted Elf!」
「Ehh!? There’s no point if you sunbath wearing clothes, right!?」
「To begin with, your way of thinking of stripping outdoors is strange!」
「It’s not embarrassing because it’s sunbathing, you know!?」
「Nude is nude! Unbelievable!」
With just their races and rearing being different, the gap in their lifestyle customs seemed to be deeply vast.
Diablo spotted a decayed tree that collapsed on the ground.
「Fumu, I suppose this is good enough.」
Shera clung onto him.
「Diablo, what do you think!? Sunbathing with wearing clothes is just weird, right!?」
Rem glared at him with reproachful eyes.
「……Diablo, please tell it to her. Something like undressing outdoors, she does not have enough of a sense of danger.」
「You two really do like to fight. From here on, I am going to test out a new magic. Do not get in my way.」
Seeming to have forgotten the quarrel that they were having up until now, both Rem and Shera now had faces full of interest.
「……And what kind might it be?」
「By new, what kind is it!?」
「It is 《Flight Magic》. However, because I reflect all magic, I have to make an object the target and try to ride that.」
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, that sort of thing wasn’t possible. However, the application range of magic in this other world was vast. It was worth testing.
There was the possibility that the result of the experiment wouldn’t turn out well.
But, their relationship wouldn’t break from just a failed experiment──their relationship had accumulated enough to make him think that. That is why he explained his intentions ahead of time.
In the game, Diablo possessed equipment that was bestowed with Flight-type Magic, but since he was inside a dungeon when he was summoned to this other world, he didn’t have it on.
His other equipment was within his 《Warehouse》.

In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there was a system called the 《Warehouse》.
Since it wasn’t something that was handheld , it couldn’t be used immediately at one’s destination, but it was possible to retain an enormous amount of items with it.
A countless number of super-rare items whose acquisition method were unknown even in this world were stored within Diablo’s 《Warehouse》.
──When I try to remember the game’s settings, it probably should be within my dungeon’s treasury.
In Cross Reverie, a peculiar plot of land would be granted to Players that raised military gains that went over a fixed amount. Diablo constructed that peculiar space into a Demon King-like dungeon.
Its location was in the western direction, and was close to a town in the Demon King territory.
He thought about it before but──it might be good to try and search for it at least once.
Thinking about it normally, it was probably reasonable to come to the conclusion that “only I was summoned to this other world from the game”.
However, his own dungeon might exist, is the reason that Diablo thought of.
It seemed that the 《Demon King of the Brain Enkvalos》 existed in this world just like the game. It was already defeated, but it is unknown who subjugated it.
The first one to defeat Enkvalos in Cross Reverie was Diablo.
He had done it in the game, but there was also the possibility that it bestowed an effect in this world.
He didn’t know the reason behind it.
However, to begin with, since the paranormal event of “being summoned to another world with the appearance of his game character” had occurred, it wouldn’t be strange if “the dungeon he created in the game existed” as well.

Putting his speculations aside, he returned his focus to his original objective.
Diablo touched fallen decayed tree with the tip of the 《Staff of Tenma》.
The range was through contact.
And then, the time it took until it activated was excessively long.
Putting it honestly, it wasn’t a magic that could be used in the middle of battle. This was exclusively used when moving about the map.
In Cross Reverie, when Flight-type means of travel──whether it be through magic, through sky flying Summoned Beasts, or through that sort of item──is unusable, there was a step that wouldn’t allow one to advance ahead.
In other words, obtaining a means of travel was a test for beginners.
──To think I would experience this test a second time.
Diablo chanted the magic.
「Change your location according to my will──《Adzet》」
The decayed tree slowly rised up.
It unsteadily shook, as if it were being hung up through the use of a crane.
Rem and Shera raised their voices.
「It, it’s floating!?」
「Fuwah, amazing! It’s floating! It’s floating!!」
「……To think that this magic existed.」
「It’s amazing, isn’t itー. Incredible!」
「……Diablo really exceeds our common knowledge quite easily.」
It was embarrassing for them to be that astonished. Above all, the main part was going to happen from here.
「You’re in the way. You two, step back a bit.」
Since it was dangerous, he asked the two of them to keep at a distance.
Diablo placed a hand on the decayed tree that floated at waist height.
The tattered surface crumbled.
It might be more rotten than he thought.
He climbed onto the decayed tree.
In the game, Diablo was a level 150 Adventurer. Since he possessed physical strength that separated from that of an ordinary person at that level, it was surprisingly easy.
It shook.
Since this was a magic experiment, there would probably be some failures. That was fine. He didn’t think that he would lose any trust from the two of them from a failed experiment.
However, he wanted to avoid an unsightly result.
Slipping off from the floating decayed tree, or half rotating the moment he got on, those sort of skit-like displays would be too comical.
Diablo carefully took his balance.
It was unstable, but he was somehow able to stand on top of the decayed tree without falling.
──Alright! It’s floating!
Since it was only at waist height, as things were, it wasn’t “flight” but “floating” though……But even so, being suspended away from the ground was enough for Rem and Shera to receive a shock.
The experiment was a success!
Diablo made a fist pump in his mind.
Nonetheless, its usefulness was lacking like this. There wasn’t much of a difference from standing on top of a rock. A horse was probably better.
「I guess I’ll try raising it up a bit more.」
He tried moving the floating decayed tree in the air. First was to move it to a slightly higher spot──so that it would be at a level where he wouldn’t die even if he were to fall, he tried raising it by about three meters.
It slowly raised up. It unsteadily shook, but it wasn’t enough to make him fall.
──Can it still keep on going?
It climbed even higher.
Even if it was obstructed by the foliage of the many trees, the view from a high place was fresh and enjoyable. It felt as if he was viewing things from an observation deck or a ferris wheel.
「Ooh……This is good.」
「Waah! Diablo, amaーzing!」
Shera was in high spirits and looked like a child.
Rem looked worried.
「……Um, since this is the first trial, please don’t overdo it.」
「I know.」
However, as he grew accustomed to it, the slight shaking made it feel as if it were a boat floating on the water’s surface, it instead felt pretty good.
It wasn’t bad as an amusement activity. Though, if it was going to be used as a means of travel, he would need to be able to move it more freely.
It rose even higher. When it got even higher than the surrounding trees, the wind became stronger.
It was easy for him to lose balance whenever it moved in any direction, so he was pretty nervous.
Was moving up and down like an elevator in a place with little wind the only safe thing to do? It looked like using this as a transport would be accompanied by danger.
──It would be a relief if a lifeline were to be attached, but something like a Demon King that goes with safety first……That’s different from my image of Demon Kings.
When he casually looked to the east, a part of the forest shined.
「What’s that? A light?」
At first, it was a tiny spot, but then it started to extend straight up to the sky.
It pierced through the clouds, and went even higher.
「C, could it be……that’s……is that magic power!?」

The magic power turned into a pillar of light and pierced the sky.

Shera seemed to have noticed as well, as she started to make a fuss.
Since Rem couldn’t see magic power, she tilted her head.
Diablo once again confirmed the location.
──Is that a bit too far to walk?
Since it would be slower than normal after advancing through the forest, it would most likely take more than an hour on foot.
It was still unstable, but he decided to try going there with Flight Magic just like this.
Diablo called out to the two that were on the ground.
「Rem! Shera! I will go check things out just like this!」
「Eh~~~!? Take me alongー!!」
「……Let’s do as he says, Shera……We would become a hindrance if something were to happen.」
──Sorry. Since I’m in the middle of practice, it would be dangerous if a girl were to get on and I lost my balance.
「Fuh, go and head back to town ahead of me!」

Manipulating the decayed tree with Flight Magic, he approached the pillar of light.
Since he should no longer be seen by Rem and Shera, he got on his stomach and clung onto the decayed tree.
「So scary……」
It should have been at the speed of a bicycle, but it shook a lot.
If he wanted to, he should have been able to raise the speed even more, but he would certainly be thrown off.
──To be flying through the sky in another world, I thought I would be having a more pleasant reaction like 「Wah~~~!! Incre~~~dible!!」 with a more excited feeling but……
That’s absolutely impossible!
Holding onto the vibrating decayed tree so that he wouldn’t be thrown off took all of his might.
He didn’t have the leeway to look at the scenery.
It was because it was a pretty high place, but it was also because the crosswind was strong. In that case, he thought that it might be fine if he flew at a lower position but……
It wouldn’t stabilize at any height, and when he approached the standing trees, he could only come into contact with the branches.
He was some how able to get close to the pillar of light.
──I knew it, it’s magic power itself.
He was astonished.
According to Diablo’s impressions, a normal Magician──Rem for example, possessed a cupful of magical power. That’s why Summoned Beasts can be manipulated by using that magical power efficiently.
He himself had something like a bathtub’s worth of magical power.
This pillar of light was a torrent of magical power that was many times larger than Diablo’s magical power. The only thing that could release something like this was someone like Krum (Demon King Krebskrum) who has a bottomless amount of magical power.
That genuine Demon King should be eating snacks with Edelgart in town around this time.
The attribute was also different.
Krum had a Demon King-like Darkness attribute, but this pillar had a white shine, so it seemed to be of the Light attribute.
「……Just what in the world is going on?」
Diablo muttered that and brought the decayed tree close to the pillar of magical power. He looked down.
Fuh, it lost its floating power.
──The effect time!? Didn’t it cut off a little fast!?

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