Chapter 2: Trying Out Being an Adventurer – Part 5

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Part 5

When they ascended the wide, shallow, wooden stairs, they arrived at the second floor that he recognized from the game.
Going by the building’s structure, it had become something like a loft. One could look down at the first floor’s bar from the second floor.
And then, there was the Adventurers Registration counter.
Even though this was the first time he had seen it, it was nostalgic.
Its structure was probably something similar to the counters at a bank or a public office. There was the wooden counter and three receptionist girls.
If it’s just like how it was in the game, in order from the right, they should each give referrals to 《Elementary Quests》, 《Advanced Quests》, and 《Story Quests》 respectively.
The three receptionists had the same face.
If their clothes weren’t different colors, you couldn’t tell them apart. Incidentally, from the right, from the right, they were green, yellow, red. They were just like a traffic light.
If he remembered correctly, the setting in the game was that they were triplets.
The girls were Dwarves.
Dwarven women were short even when they grew to adulthood. However, unlike the child-looking Grasswalkers, their breasts would get big and were the so-called “transistor glamor” type.[1]
And, they had dog-like ears and tails attached to them. All three of the receptionists were lop-eared like labradors.
Diablo naturally went and stood in front of the yellow-clothed receptionist that was in the center.
His sleeve was pulled by Rem.
「……Over there is where requests meant for those that have achievements as adventurers are handled. Registration is done with the person in green clothes on the right.」
「I see, I did it out of habit.」
Story quests weren’t added all that often after all, and the last time he took up an elementary quest was probably more than two years ago.
——This sure is nostalgic, it’s been really long since I’ve talked to the “green girl”.
The receptionist on the right was called “green girl” by the players. Once all of the elementary quests were finished, something like 「You’ve graduated from the green girl!」 would be said.
When he got up to here, he had an excited feeling from this being something like a second playthrough of the game.
Diablo stood in front of the green-clothed receptionist.
In the game, she wouldn’t move an inch until she was talked to.
However, in this world, the girls were also alive.
Seeming to be flustered, the green girl tried to tidy up the documents on top of the desk but they dropped to the floor.
「Awah, awawawawawah……」
「We came for the Adventurer registration but, is it alright?」
「Ah, hya, fu, fuai! Adventurer registration, right! Welcome! I, I’ll do my best~.」
Rem put in a good word from the side.
「……This person is, my acquaintance.」
「Ahh, so he is Rem-san’s acquaintance? Ho……In that case, it looks like it will be alright. Thank goodness. I was wondering what I would do if he was a scary person.」
「……Though he is a terrible person.」
Rem stroked her ears with her fingertips.
Her cheeks were a bit red.
Diablo cleared his throat.
「Hurry it up.」
In the game, it would continue with name entry, selection of gender and race, selection of occupation, and condition, which was what the initial parameters were called, but his name, gender, race, and occupation were already decided.
There was technically an event one’s current level was measured even in the game.
How all players were told 『It looks like you’re still level 1……B, but, if it’s you, you’ll instantly get strong!』 was a rite of passage.
Green girl explained while she tidied up the documents.
「Umm, now then, your name——」
Shera stuck her head out from Diablo’s side.
「We’re finally at the Adventurer Registration! Hey, hey, can I go first?」
She looked extremely happy.
Her eyes were sparkling.
Even if it was Diablo, he felt uneasy going only by information from the game. If it’s going to happen anyway, it would be better for the level measurement to be on the high side. I guess I’ll do it after seeing Shera’s situation——is what he thought.
He generously nodded.
「I don’t mind. Go ahead and register first.」
Shera delightfully raised both of her hands.
When he looked at this carefree smile, he started to want to yield it to her without any self-interest put in.
This is bad.
——Am I surprisingly the supporting type? That can’t be.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] “Transistor glamor” is talking about women that are petite but are physically attractive.

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  2. The author calls that appearance“Transistor glamor”?

    So the author simply tries to avoid writing they´ll have an oppai loli like appearance, huh?


    • No he’s implying they aren’t childish in appearance, aka, loli, but just a short person that has otherwise grown up normally. If height was the only factor that decided if someone was a “loli/shota” then a short Irish guy with a full, braided beard and prodiguous body hair would be called a shota. Which he isn’t.


  3. I was expected dorf girls with beards. So why do dorfs have dog ears and tail? Shouldnt they be called something else. Like dog people.


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