Chapter 2: Trying Out Being an Adventurer – Part 14

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Part 14

They had returned to the inn.
When they reported to the Adventurer’s Guild and had dinner, once everything was over, it was completely night.
Diablo sat in the room where only the light of the candles were swaying.
In truth, he was tired enough that he wanted to lie down on the bed but……
Since there was only one bed, he sat on the floor.
The only other person in the room was Shera.
She had sat down on the bed, and sometimes, she would intermittently look his way.
——What the heck is this?
He couldn’t handle being alone with a girl.
He was troubled.
Rem, who he could rely on at times like this, was called by a messenger from the Magician’s Guild and had gone to where Celes is.
It was probably about the matter with Galak.
Diablo’s group did not mention Galak’s name in their report but……To begin with, the receptionist knew that the one that commissioned the quest was Galak.
If the Magician’s Guild’s name was used without notifying the organization, it would naturally become a serious problem. There was probably an apology from Celes in regards to that.
How Rem would be the only one to go was a consideration from Diablo’s side.
If Diablo were to go, it would only make the other party needlessly afraid. How he had thrust away Warrior Emil and was judged to be outside of evaluation standards by the Adventurer’s Guild’s Guildmaster was already very well-known.
On top of that, there was his appearance and his speech and conduct.
Making an extremely apologetic face that looked like she were going to cry, Rem——
「Um……Since it seems like Celes would deeply apologize more than she would need to if Diablo were to go……I will go alone.」
went and said this to him.
——Well, since I’m poor with communication, that actually saves me.
However, Shera is acting weird. Please hurry up and come back, Rem.
Again, she looked at him.
Unable to endure it, Diablo raised his voice.
「Do you need something?」
「Hyah!? U, um……The snake was huge, wasn’t it!」
Thinking for a bit, he realized.
「Ahh, the 《Spotted Snake》.」
「If the quest wasn’t a trap, we would have had to fight with that, right?」
「Luring it out with Rem’s Summoned Beast and bringing it down with my magic wasn’t that bad of a plan. Well, there was also the option of just freezing that area.」
The game’s Freezia wasn’t given a range of effect as vast as that.
Maybe it was because when he used magic, he imagined it using scientific knowledge. Or maybe it was because the game presented it in a moderated way.
By the time he noticed, Shera had come down from the bed and gotten closer.
「Yeah, yeah, Diablo, your magic sure was amazing!」
「Well, of course it was……There is something I learned a bit regarding levels. The people of this world live so that they won’t die. Without any pointless troubles, and as safe as possible.」
「Isn’t that how it normally is?」
「I made efficiency the maximum priority in order to quickly level up even if I died. That was the kind of world I was in.」
「Is that about the other world that Diablo came from?」
「Umu. That’s why a level difference has opened up. I still don’t know if it’s just the races that are weak, or if the monsters are also weak but……from the impression of when I tried using Freezia.」
「Ah, that’s the ice magic from earlier, right?」
「That’s right. Judging from the reactions of the wild animals from that time, they looked weaker than the ones that I know of. They also probably held their lives as precious.」
Shera made a wondering face.
「Diablo, don’t you value your life?」
「I do not intend to throw it away idly.」
「Hey, doesn’t, your stomach hurt?」
「What? It’s not like I ate something weird……Ahh, could it be that you’re worried about how I took that arrow earlier today?」
「I mean, Selsio’s arrow was the Greenwood Royal Family’s treasure. I heard that it was an amazing arrow and Diablo, you made a bit of a pained looking face, right?」
Everyone else was completely astonished by how the arrow didn’t go through him.
It seems that she even worried about his expression.
「In my equipment, there is an effect that recovers HP……Ah, no……that heals wounds. There’s no longer any problem.」
「Is that so!? That’s amazing!」
Certainly, it was plenty strong. The insecurity that he felt when he was just summoned had been resolved for the most part.
「If it’s just to live in this world, well, it’s probably fine to just hunt wild animals or something. However, the Demon King Krebskrem can’t be defeated like that.」
Shera gulped.
As I thought, I guess the Demon King’s name is something dreadful for the inhabitants of this world——is what he thought but, it looked like it was a bit different.
Shera’s expression sank.
「I knew it, Diablo……are you going to going to choose Rem?」
「What do you mean by that?」
「I mean, ever since last night, Diablo, you’ve only been looking at Rem, right?」
「……It wasn’t my intention to do so.」
「Rem is really mixed up with Demon King Krebskrem, right? Even though there’s absolutely no way of knowing when or where he’ll show up.」
「Y, yeah.」
Certainly, from a normal person’s view, having an attachment to the Demon King that hasn’t even been revived yet, would probably give them a strange feeling.
Shera doesn’t know that the Demon King’s soul is inside Rem.
「Diablo, you’re also thinking about defeating the Demon King! Are you really going to choose Rem!?」
「O, oi!?」
She had clung onto him.
It became a posture that looked like he was being pushed down.
Even if he tried to run, a wall was right behind him. And both the door and the window were distant.
Shera made a serious face.
「For me, I need you, Diablo!」
「U, umu……」
「I’ve always kept quiet about this but……I, I’m……the Elf country’s princess.」
——I know that! We just had a conversation about that this afternoon! Could it be that you actually weren’t listening to the conversation!?
She’s such a slow girl that it was enough to make him worry about her future.
「Selsio did say that.」
「Ah, yeah……Did he? Did he really? That’s right! Well, I don’t know if it’s because of that, but even though I’m an Elf, my chest is.」
Looking embarrassed, Shera gathered the bulges of her chest with both hands.
The emphasized pair of spheres pushed up her clothes and, from the seams of the cloth, a soft looking valley could be seen.
「Uoh……Is, is that, a characteristic of being royalty?」
「I wonder? Though, mother was different. They said it was rare.」
「I see……That’s amazing.」
Even he didn’t really understand what he was saying.
「Even though I’m an Elf, because of these, I get seen with strange eyes……Also, Nii-san was always going on about having children……」
「Wait. Oi, that thing about an heir, is that something you were to make with your brother!?」
「That’s what I said. Royalty would get married to royalty, and leave an even stronger blood is what they said.」
「That thing about being close to Divine Beings?」
「Yup, though I don’t really get it……But, even so, Nii-san would always go on saying “Shera, you should just raise the children” or “I want three children”, you know!?」
「With his actual little sister, huh……」
——If this were modern Japan, it would be an outbreak of a court case.
「Isn’t that terrible!?」
「So did you leave the country because you didn’t like that?」
「Only half the reason. The other half is because I wanted to know what I could do and how far I could go.」
「And you’re still in the middle of that.」
Shera nodded.
「Yup, but……If you weren’t here, Diablo, I would’ve been brought back.」
By no means was Selsio’s group weak.
If Shera were by herself, they probably would have easily caught her.
She was frightened.
「Thank you, for today.」
「Ah, yeah……」
Her trembling was transmitted to him.
Like how a child would fawn on their parent, she clung onto him.
Still collapsed on the floor, Diablo felt her bulges pressed on his chest. It was warm.
「But……Diablo, if you were to choose Rem……I……」
「Weren’t we companions? You said so yourself, didn’t you?」
「I did but……when I did……」
「Diablo, since you kept a scary face……and didn’t say anything…..Though, Rem did smile……」
That was, since he had never been called a companion before, his thoughts had petrified!
——I was happy.
If he were to say that honestly, he wouldn’t have such hardships with communicating.
It was embarrassing, and how would that look in a Demon King-like meaning? If he were to be delighted from being called a companion, would he be able to maintain his majesty?
However, it wasn’t a good thing to leave Shera insecure like this.
He still didn’t intend to choose Rem nor did he intend to separate from Shera. What did he need to do to convey that?
——For now, I guess it would be best to separate our bodies.
The whole time, Shera’s soft bulges were pressing on him, and his nasal cavity was being tickled by the smell of a citrus-type of fruit.
Her soft hair gently brushed Diablo’s hand.
——As if my thoughts could work properly in a situation like this!
When he tried to separate from her and get up from the floor, he tried to push her with his hand.
With bad timing, Shera was the one to raise her body.
「Ah, sorry, I was on you the whole——」


Diablo’s hand pressed down on her pair of spheres.
You’ve got it wrong.
This was, when he tried to push Shera away……no, he was pushing Shera but, her shoulder……
That’s right, he had tried to push her shoulder.
Shera’s face went bright red.
「L, listen, you! Listen to me!」
「I am a Demon King! Because of that, I don’t have, anything like companions!」
It would have been best to remove his hand as he was talking but……
The time from this morning was from above as she was lying down. Nevertheless, even though it was earth-shattering, right now it was from below. By going against gravity and lifting the bulge, the power of the sensation increased by two or three times and boasted an overwhelming presence.
In other words, his fingers were buried in flesh!
Even if it was from above the clothes!
Shera’s nasal voice resounded in his brain.
——Ah, not good, not good! We were having a talk about companions!
「Are, are you listening? I have not chosen Rem!」
「Of course it is! Don’t think that a Demon King will come under your will so easily!」
While he was saying that, he played with the bulge that was in his hand.
When he moved his fingers, the sensation also changed.
And then, Shera reacted with a twitch.
She didn’t get mad with a “You can’t, you can’t” like she did this morning.
「Err……Because I’m a Demon King……」
「Nku, fuan, sto……If, if you, touch there, I’ll get a……weird feeling……even though you shouldn’t do this……」
「W, weird feeling, you say!?」
「Yup……It kinda……feels heartrending.」
There was a grinding stimulus on his abdomen.
When he unintentionally lowered his gaze from the bulge that he was grabbing hold of, Shera was shaking her waist.
She was grinding as if to rub up against Diablo.
「Hyau……If, if you do it that so strongly……ッ……Nku……Y, you can’t……」
「Sh, shoot! Did it hurt?」
He had intended to take out a considerable amount of strength but, his current self was level 150. He needed to pay scrupulous attention towards her sensitive parts.
——No, isn’t this different? To begin with, isn’t it bad of me to be stimulating her sensitive parts?
Shera wiped the tears that rose to the corner of her eye with her fingertip.
「U-un, it doesn’t hurt……It kind of, just made me feel a jolt……H, hey, could it be, Diablo, do you also like boobs?」
「I mean, whenever you look at me, you’re always looking at my boobs, right?」
「Ah, no……It’s because they stand out……」
He was totally found out.
「At the beginning, it was a bit embarrassing, but……If it’s Diablo, then……」
「If, if it won’t hurt……it’s okay?」
His own throat dry, a sound passed through the air.
Shera gazed at him.
「Ehehe……They’re bigger than Rem’s, right?」
「Well, yeah……」
「When they’re big, it make you want to touch them, right? If it’s you, Diablo, you can touch them!」
「Ah, Nn……」
——Isn’t this pretty bad?
While he was thinking that, his reasoning was completely not working. He caressed, rubbed, and touched the bulge that was firm, thick, and heavy without abandon.
All while listening to Shera’s fawning voice.
Eventually, in his hand, there was a stiff sensation.
「Th, this is……?」
It was from on top of her clothes, but he gently pinched it.
Shera trembled along the muscles of her spine.
With a jolt, she sprang up.
How her body temperature had risen up was transmitted to him near his waist.
Shera’s eyes dimmed, and she looked at him.
「Wh, what?」

Suddenly, he felt a ice cold gaze.

It was a dreadful presence that he didn’t even feel from the monsters of the Man-Eating Forest.
Slowly, Diablo moved his eyes.
At the edge of his field of vision, there was an opened door.
The air was intimidating enough that it was impossible for him to do his Demon King role play.
Still with a blank and spaced out facial expression, Shera also turned her head.
「Ah, it’s Rem~」
Near the single opened door, Rem, who for some reason had equipped hand covers furnished with claws on both hands, was standing there.

「……After all……I am……small!」

So she heard starting from that conversation.
After this, both Diablo and Shera earnestly apologized to Rem.

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  1. It’s such a weird world they live in. Nobody wants to fight to get stronger and all choose to live a safe life… It’s like the whole world is made up of civilians, nobody with any ambition even though they obviously have levels and an apparent way to determine strength. Or the imminent threat of demon beasts and no one exterminating them.


    • If you take politics out of the equation, this is what our world would seem like. We developed weapons that kill at long range, and weapons that can be operated remotely. Getting our people out of biting and stabbing range was a goal, when developing weapons technology, or making a clear distinction between civilians and warriors.


      • We still have people actively working towards improving our military technology though. It’s more that in our world we don’t have magic to take us beyond human limits, so we use machines to compensate for our fragility instead. We also don’t have imminent threats like the characters in this world have.


      • Knives and hammers were easy enough to make, blunt rock or sharp rock, but bigger threats like bears and boars necessitated the development of heavy spears. Those are just two threats in our world that called for a longer reach than humanly possible…
        The boar spear had a cross bar to stop the spear from piercing too far and getting stuck even, I think.


      • We never did surpass human fragility with use of the human body though. We’ve improved our health, and thus our longevity, and made efficient killing tools beyond our bodily limits, but it’s the power of the tools we’ve created for the most part instead. In the world these characters are in it’s pathetic, because they have the potential to strengthen their body’s capabilities beyond human limits without needing to supplement with tools. Our world vs. most fantasy worlds take very different paths for development past melee weaponry and arrows, because of the existence of mana allowing the initial limits of swords, arrows, and the human body to be far far surpassed while we just had to come up with new tools that will do the surpassing for us. I’m pretty sure nukes are still more dangerous than anything magic has to offer in that world though, but that’s not necessarily for the best.

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      • I think the MC of Magi’s Grandson made worse than nukes out of magic, though, but I see your point magic is a much more versatile tool than anything we have made with our technology. This is why the technology level in these stories is always set to Medieval times, no impetus to develop new technology when magic can handle anything you can conceivably imagine.


    • Well, we developed because of war that we couldn’t avoid and they develop also, but they use a safer more conventional route and therefore lack the science or resources to develop the chemical means. Though after Diablo’s visit, they may start developing more.


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      • If you are a member, there should be an option to subscribe when you’re on the site. If you haven’t even started to scroll down yet, it should either ask you if you want to subscribe or tell you that you already are on the bottom right corner. As for getting alerts… let me get back to you on that.


  2. Never understood how someone can just “feel” a gaze. I see that used alot and it its not remotely possible. Should be notice a gaze. And typical Japanese style, MC is bowing and apologizing like a coward to a weak person over something thats so irrelevant, it has very little meaning… Well whatever <.<


    • Feel like these filler chapters just makes the MC look like a retard :/ Someone who cant control their own body, I’d certainly lable as a retard. it he wants to grope boobs, then he should be doing it because he wants to. Him claiming bs that he cant control himself isnt funny :/


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