Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord – Part 9

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Part 9

Due to the fact that it was still too early to be serving evening meals, the dining hall on the first floor of 《Relief Inn, Twilight Store》 only had three customers inside.
Diablo had completely become a familiar face in this dining hall.
He was found to be suspicious at the beginning, but now, no one is startled just from him showing himself.
Rather, if there was someone that got surprised from seeing Diablo, they would be the ones thought to not be familiar with this dining hall.
However, today, even the regular customers would show surprise for a second time.
The cause was the 《Trial-Make Great War Scythe》 that he held in his hand.
Even if one walked throughout the town, there was no one else that carried a sinister weapon such as this.
──It’ll probably take them another couple of days to get used to it.
While gathering the surrounding gazes, Diablo settled down at the round table that they usually used.
Rem and Shera sat to his left and right.
Alicia went to the seat opposite of Diablo.
The inn’s poster girl──the Pantherian Mei came by. Her light brown hair that went down to her shoulders swayed, and she had a smiling face. She wore a dress filled with frills that he couldn’t tell if it was maid clothing or if it was idol clothing.
「Welcome♪ Welcome♪ Welcome♪」
「Ah, before you make your order──You know that, right now, the wall of the large room that your group uses is being fixed, right? You’ll be staying here tonight as well, right?」
「That was my intention.」
Going “sorry for the trouble”, Rem lowered her head. Shera also apologized in the same manner.
Since Alicia didn’t know about the situation, she kept silent.
The poster girl waved her hand back and forth.
「It’s fine, it’s fine! Since we’re familiar with the trouble that Adventurers make, Mei-chan is fine with it♪. But can I ask you for this much? Kyaha☆」
*Pira*, she placed a paper on the table.
A pretty nasty amount of money for the repair expense was charged.
──Oi oi, is she planning on rebuilding this whole inn?
She shouldn’t be underestimated just because she had a smiling face.
In another world, it was the survival of the fittest
Since it was an amount of money that they couldn’t seem to pay, Diablo secretly decided to leave it to the attackers that Emil just took with him. They were the ones that destroyed the wall after all.
Acting as if nothing had just happened, the poster girl took their order.
「Today, Mei-chan recommends the Special Set♪」
「That will be fine.」
Rem added in 「Four people’s worth, please」 at the end.

Before long, the meals were carried over to them.
Potatoes, sausage, hard-baked bread, soup with no ingredients, boiled vegetables that resembled eggplant and cabbage, and water in a wooden tankard.
Pleased with this place’s sausages ever since that day he first ate it, Diablo ate it once a day.
Even today, the first thing he bit into was the sausage.
*Pari*, it had a pleasant texture.
In the next moment, the dynamic flavor and the gentle herb aroma of the mouthful of meat itself spread out.
When he chewed, there was a coarse texture of ground meat, and every time a lump of meat was crushed by his teeth, juices would overflow from it.
The seasoning was salt.
It was a saltiness that resulted in a slightly strong punch.
Diablo cut a piece of bread, and threw it into his mouth.
It was bread that had a crunchy and hard texture and also had no flavor.
However, by uniting with the sausage’s juices and saltiness in his mouth, and with the herb aroma, it swelled up just right and its deliciousness was increased.
After relishing the taste until it firmly became a lingering memory, Diablo slowly drank the water.
It was delicious cooking as usual.
Looking to his right, Rem elegantly advanced through her meal.
However, when he looked to his left──
Shera’s meal hadn’t been eaten at all.
Getting worried and calling out to her at a time like this, was something that Diablo wasn’t good at. If he coerced her, her appetite would probably decrease even more.
Alicia kindly called out to her.
「Shera-sama, it would seem that you haven’t gotten through your meal. Is something the matter?」
Being asked that question, Shera showed a taken aback look.
「Ah, it’s nothing! I kind of just, dazed off a bit there……I wonder if I’m tired or something~?」
With an “Ahahaha”, she showed some bravado.
──I guess she really is feeling sad, isn’t she? Of course she would feel that way.
Anyone would lose their pep if a war was about to occur because of them.
If it were a case where various things were hectically happening, she would put up her original cheerfulness, but at times like this, where they slowly took their meal──
She probably help but think about it.
Alicia worried about her.
「If you don’t eat your meal, it will affect your health. It’s times like this that you really do need to keep up your physical strength. Please, I ask that you eat even just a small amount.」
「Yeah……That’s right. Also, if I leave any behind, I’d feel bad for Mei-chan. I’ll eat!」
As if she gotten psyched, she let out a loud voice, and bit into a sausage.
It was slow, but Shera proceeded through her meal.
Seeing her state, Diablo felt relieved and stroked his chest down.

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    • You’d think his magic would be versatile enough to just make a new wall instantly and be done with it if he can just summon an ice cup and water.


      • You’re forgetting that his magic isn’t even versatile enough to not kill any weaklings, and in addition something like making a wall would be closer to a support spell, which he’s already said that he actively avoids.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
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  3. Why why why… couldnt Diablo say, “I am not paying that”… Hes suppose to be doing a demon lord play right ? Pisses me off he didnt tell her to get fucked and charge the culprits instead… Thats why I am starting to dislike this story, Diablo is being such a weakling wimp :/ a push over that does what hes told. Thank you for putting time in translating this, but I am starting to loose faith in this story for awhile now :/ Its getting worse and worse as the little annoyances stack up


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