Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord – Part 4

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Part 4

Leaving the Feudal Lord’s estate, they walked to the Central District.
When they exited from the southern gate——Sylvie separated from them a bit.
「Well then, I’m going to go back to the Adventurer’s Guild. If you’re troubled with getting a bed, you can come by anytime, okay?」
Shera raised her voice.
「Um! Thank you very much! I’ll also do my best to do something that I can do! All so that something like a war doesn’t happen!」
「No no, as a part of the Adventurer’s Guild, I only made the connection between the commissioner and the Adventurer, so I didn’t do anything that needed to be thanked for. Well, since I don’t want the war, I guess I’m expecting things of Diablo-san.」
「Yeah! If it’s Diablo, things will surely be alright! Ah, of course, I’m also going to really do my best!」
Shera put strength into both her fists.
——That Diablo is currently really worried about how exactly he should do his best you know?
Things were expected of him.
However, he himself was a Magician, not a strategist. Something like a way to avoid the war, he couldn’t quickly come up with something.
That reminds me——Looking like she just remembered something, Sylvie went close to Diablo.
She beckoned him.
So that meant, he had to squat. Since the difference in their height was large, if they were standing together, they couldn’t have a secret talk.
When he bent his back, Sylvie brought her lips close to his ear.
「You know……I’m sure that you’ve noticed but……you know how there were people observing us the whole time, right?」
He didn’t feel their presence or anything.
Though they passed through the Central District which was a place that didn’t have that many people going through it, he completely did not notice.
He wanted a radar in the upper-right corner of the screen!
However, something like honestly saying “I completely did not notice” right here was not cool. It wasn’t Demon King-like.
He muttered as if it were really insignificant.
「……So it would seem. They do such pointless things.」
「Since they’re an observation service that the Feudal Lord sent out, be sure not to injure them or anything, okay? You don’t need to protect them, but don’t chase them away, got it?」
He wouldn’t do something like that. However, as a Demon King, it seemed like he would say something like “they’re an eyesore” and attack them.
「Hmph……They are not worth having me pass judgement upon them.」
「Then that’s fine! Well then, see ya. I’ll be leaving!」
While waving her hand about, Sylvie went back to the Adventurer’s Guild.
Her figure as she was running, was like a child that was going home from the playground——Although, she had an appearance that had a bit too much exposure. It would spring forth a court case.
Even so, she was so fast that they immediately lost sight of her.
Rem quietly talked.
「……Sylvie, is a nice person, isn’t she. Though, I haven’t talked with her all that much.」
「So it would seem.」
「……I don’t hate Faltra City. Because it is the foremost line, people support one another, have energy, and it feels like they’re living. I do not want a war between fellow Races to occur in this town.」
Shera cheerfully agreed and Alicia nodded.
He agreed completely.
However, since a peace loving Demon King would be a bit weird, he kept silent.
——Hold on a second? So Sylvie is going to withdraw from the party here. That’s not good.
The means of dealing with attackers has disappeared.
Her 《Bind》 magic is powerful. He didn’t know if he could rely on Alicia to take place of that.
Rather, in the event that Diablo killed his opponent, since there was a State Knight right before his eyes……there was a possibility of him being arrested on the spot.
And it was probably impossible to expect any kindliness from that Feudal Lord.
——Just how am I going to repel attackers?
Even in cases where he would have to fight against the Elves, there was the same question.
The girls said that they didn’t want a war. That meant that not only did they not want the people of Faltra City to die, they didn’t want the the opponent to die either.
In the first place, the Elves are people of Shera’s birthplace.
He couldn’t just strike them with 《White Nova》 like he did when he went against the 1〇〇 Demonic Beings and extinguish them without leaving any ash.
——Maybe with a weapon.
Although Diablo was a Magician, he was at the maximum level of 150, and his STR and AGI were much higher than a low leveled Warrior.
Although his magic was too strong and hard to use, wouldn’t it be possible to moderate it if it were a weapon.
In addition to that, it would be handy at times when he would have to go against a great number of people. He could fight without using MP.
When his MP would decrease, his willpower would wither. If he were to use it up, his will to do anything would be unable to rise. He’d laze about throughout the day, get hungry if he noticed it, and the day would come to an end.
Before avoiding the war, he first needed to protect his own body.
Diablo decided to go to a weapons store.
「Follow me.」
Waving his mantle, he started walking.
Rem became flustered, and quickly went beside him.
「……Where are we headed? As the Summon Master, I would like to request an explanation before we do any kind of action, you know?」
Shera found a problem with that and raise her voice.
「Hold it!? You can’t go talking like Diablo is your Summoned Beast! The one that summoned him, was me! It was totally me, got it!?」
It was a nostalgic flow of conversation.
So they were still doing that.
Alicia made a wondering face.
「Um……Was Diablo-sama really summoned by either Rem-sama or Shera-sama?」
「……The Summon Master, is me.」
「It’s me! Since I’m the one that said that I was trying to summon a Demon King of another world!」
「Shera-sama, why did you think of trying to summon a Demon King?」
「I mean, the strongest thing around, is a Demon King, right? I, needed a strong Summoned Beast.」
「Did you not find it to be terrifying?」
「Eh? Isn’t it fine since Summoned Beasts will listen to what the Summon Master says?」
In reality, the ones that had 《Slavery Chokers》 placed on them were Rem and Shera, and the self-proclaimed Demon King Diablo was striding through the town.
Alicia made a barrage of questions to Shera.
Such as where she summoned him and under what conditions was he summoned. Those things were probably going to be reported to the King. A State Knight was surprisingly a straightforward and difficult job.
Once again, Rem inquired.
「……Where would our place of destination be?」
「It can’t be, are we suddenly going to the forest where the Elves are!?」
Escaping from Alicia’s questions, Shera also inquired.
Diablo smiled.
「Before that, it’s the weapons store first.」
「「A weapons store……?」」
The girls’ voices overlapped each other.
「……Why? I don’t believe that there is a staff greater than the one that you possess sold in the weapons stores of this town, you know?」
「Yeah, yeah. Rather, this town’s weapons stores only sell things like swords and spears, you know? There aren’t any that are bestowed with magic either.」
「Don’t make that decision with your standards. I have an idea.」
He was going to buy a weapon where it would be easy to go easy on a person in order to go against attackers and the Elves——something like that was kind and not Demon King-like.
To be truthful, he wanted to go alone but, right now, he couldn’t possibly separate from Shera.
Guided by Rem, they headed towards the shopping district in the southern district.
Saying 「Well, I guess anything is fine.」, Shera went along looking like she was having fun.
Without saying a complaint or question, Alicia followed them.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord – Part 4

  1.  /\_/\
    ( -THANKS- )
     \ NEPU /
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     + ⊂⊃
      ∧_∧ +

    a demon king wielding a huge mace?

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  2. If he is going to play a demon king he should stop behaving like a little b*tch.
    Start killing his oponents, tear them to shreds and don’t give a f*ck about the lives he ended. Yet as a typical Jp character, even if his description should state otherwise, he behaves like a little eunuch, a good boy that will do everything his owner will state.

    I despise all those novels that start good, have a awesome story premise, even more awesome characters only to end as a typical self assuring JP novel, where every chapter has to assure you that a mc is a good boy that will not harm anyone, will allow everyone to have a go with him, will behave and keep the morals and laws of his previous world in high regard.

    For f*cks sake, a teen that was granted enormous powers would behave and abide by the laws where there is no one to grant him some consequences when he brokes those laws and morals?
    It’s simply unbelivable. It’s something that wouldn’t happen. We are only animals, when granted a way to display our primal urges and don’t be punished for displaying those urges, we wouldn’t give a sh*t about something nonexsisting like a moral code and other cr*p.


    • He might could defeat and kill the people in city, but if he destroyed it then he would become wanted by the Kingdom. He was able to defeat an army of a hundred, but what about a hundred thousand. or a million? And where would he rest and resupply? And even if he were to take over the country, then that means the rest of the world will be gunning for him. And the people of the Kingdom aren’t likely to go to war for him.
      Also do you have any idea how difficult it is to run a country? Especially one that you took over by force and does not welcome you. Rule by fear only works so far. Take a look at history, it doesn’t often go well for conquerors. It’ll work for a time but when you start to reach a certain size everything begins to collapse because you’ve overextended yourself. This is especially worrisome for Diablo since he can only be in one place at a time. He’s the one people would fear, and if he’s not there and is on the other side of the world people will try to rebel.
      And if he kills the Elves, then that just means a war is started and even more people will be coming for him. Sure he might be able to take them, but who wants to be fighting all the time? And what happens when he runs out of mana? He’ll be exhausted and unable to do anything, then get killed.
      Think things through.


    • Also he HAS killed some of his opponents. He mentioned it in here how he incinerated that army of demonic beings. Don’t forget he also brutally crushed that punching magician, Gregor who was attacking Rem, in a black hole. And that was after playing around and maiming him a bit.


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