Chapter 1: Trying Out Exterminating a Mouse – Part 8

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Part 8

The next day──
Alicia headed towards the Royal Capital.
Although the King’s spy, Kuzukage, was pulverized, there was no telling what kind of information was transmitted. It was dangerous.
However, her resolution was strong.
「For Diablo-sama’s sake as well, I will definitely find evidence of the King’s misgovernment, and investigate the Royal Capital’s war potential and layout.」
「U, umu……Be sure to make your life the maximum priority. For I am not in any rush. Rather, I have recently been thinking that a slow life might be good too……」
「In the overthrowing of the Lifelia Kingdom, is it!」
──There is no slow life like that!
Although he made a retort in his mind, he expressed a fearless smile in a Demon King-like way and saw her off.

After that, Edelgart went to the bakery Peter as Krum’s attendant, and was really into the fish sandwich.
A fish sandwich was where a freshwater fish was deep fried and inserted into bread.
To be completely honest, it was a menu choice that wasn’t all that popular but……the palate of Demonic Beings might be peculiar.
「Ama, zing……Similar! To Demon King-sama’s conferred~, magic power! Bliss? Bliss!」
This was a compliment, but they were also words that the guys at Peter couldn’t be allowed to hear.
Being deeply moved by the taste of other cuisine as well, Edelgart became completely engrossed by the meals of the Races.
Even with Krum, she seemed to have recognized that there were biscuits from places other than the bakery, and that there were confectioneries similar to it. The two of them made a hobby of trying food at various restaurants.
「Listen well! Maou has discovered a new truth -noda! A path towards the supreme was opened by means of a jet black power!」
While listening to that speech, Shera nodded.
「Yup, yup, chocolate biscuits are delicious too.」
「It’s supreme -nanoda! I will buy more -noda! I will buy it all -nanoda!」
「You can only have 500 F worth of snacks a day, you know?」
「Mumumu……Chocolate is the supreme, but how expensive it is is where it is no good!」
That was a truth that really reeked of the common people.
Cocoa seemed to be a treasure in Faltra City, so chocolate had a price that would make it be called an extravagance.
Incidentally, Diablo thought that cheese bread was the ultimate food. The surface was crispy and had syrupy cheese and tomato inside.
Such a peaceful life continued for about half a month.

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33 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Trying Out Exterminating a Mouse – Part 8

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  2. There’s just one thing that bothers me. How did Edelgart get into the city? If Alicia had a way to get her passed the barrier why not tell the other demonic beings about it?


    • State Knight covered in blood carrying a person wrapped in a cloak, just makes the guards look out for incoming attacks, she probably wasn’t stopped or checked beyond that. That wouldn’t work for a large army of demonic beings.


    • I know what you mean. They might bring it up later and find out that there is no such barrier, or the entrance is the only weak point where it allows all entry, remember the first invasion that was repelled by Diablo. The demons probably wanted to destroy the barrier so they could attack from a different side of the city.


      • I think I read about it somewhere but it seem that Krum destroyed the barrier while rampage and the soldiers was busy with reinstate the security inside the town so they didn’t man the bridge (after all a demon king inside the city is a much more scary thing). The reason the demon didn’t attack is stated that they afraid of whatever had subjugated the demon king may reside in the city and if they rush in they might perish as well


    • I think the barrier is opened on the gate to let people in, thus guards have search manually for demon, since alicia is a state knight, they didn’t proceed to a search, Diablo has their trust and manage to come the same way, and the first demon had to transform into a weapon holded by a human to pass the gate.

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  3. i for one prefer a plain ol soft white loaf of bread that is un cut so that i can munch on it and have atleast a peanut butter , strawberry jam , chocolate spread(NUTELA) , cream cheese and Mountain Dew to go with it ahh that is bliss sadly i can only indulge at it every sunday


  4. Good read tks for the work i wonder if his base is in this world since he says it like the game and all his stuff is in this world he needs to hurry and leave and go travel and explore


  5. so many people seem to be naming their favorite snacks I personally like apple turnovers and seems krum has found a partner in crime also merchant/ inn keeper/ poster girl/ oni/ magician panther girl has way too many skills I probably missed some.


  6. Why is Diablo not cooking? Hahahaha. If he make our worlds sweets like pudding or crepes. He will instantly have a super duper loyal maou.


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