Chapter 1: Trying Out Exterminating a Mouse – Part 2

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Part 2

*Karikarikari……* (Scratching)

Over Diablo’s head, there was some kind of sound that he just couldn’t get used to.
It was a sound like that of a devil scratching with its nails.
The first one to get up was Rem, and with a *bafuh*, she hit the bed.
Having the area near his pillow hit and being called out to, he woke up.
However, the room was enveloped in darkness.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, even if it were in the depths of a dungeon, there didn’t exist any places that were completely dark.
Even if it were a fairly dark stage within a scene, if the display’s brightness was turned all the way up, it was possible to see things that affected the game’s outcome.
However, since this was another world and not the game, the darkness stayed as nothing but darkness.
──Thinking that this might happen, I’ve thought of a counter-measure for night warfare!
Diablo stretched one hand out to the ceiling.
A ball of light flew towards the ceiling, and once it hit, it burst and light spread out in the room.
It was a Light Attribute Elementary level magic. His practising of magic during his spare time proved to be of merit.

Shera got up while rubbing her eyes due to it being so bright.
「Nn~? What is it~?」
Krum, who said “Maou is fine even without sleep -noda”, is firmly sound asleep even with it being this bright and noisy.
Rem pointed at the wall.
「Diablo, it is that!」
What was scampering about and running up the wall was, close-to-black grey creature that had a slender tail.
A small animal that vanished into a crevice in the wall and ceiling.
It was a rat.
What, so it was just a rat──is what he was about to yawn, but then he suddenly realised something.
──Wasn’t it making a noise around my head!?
「C, could it be that it was gnawing at my horns!?」
Rem and Shera looked hard at him.
Wasn’t a Demon King that had his horns gnawed by a mouse really uncool?
A cold sweat was pouring out.
Rem took a breath.
「There aren’t any changes in particular.」
「Yup, it’s the usual Diablo~」
Shera also made a gentle smile.
He almost fell due to too much relief, but instead, it was here that he made a face that said “naturally”.
「W, well, there is no way something like a mere mouse would be able to damage my horns. Umu.」
──Thank goodness~!! I was about to turn into Dora○mon, you know!?
Rem turned her gaze towards the crevice that the mouse vanished into.
「It isn’t that unusual for preserved food and equipment to receive damage from them. Tomorrow, let’s purchase a mouse extermination tool.」
「Hmph, next time I see it, I shall blow it away with my magic.」
「……It feels like it will disappear along with the ceiling.」
「That’ll make it so that we can see the starry sky, won’t it~……Fuwah~」
Shera made a yawn while smiling.
And then, she suddenly asked a question.
「Hey, hey, Diablo? This brightness, when will it go out?」
The effect of 《Light》 continued in the room.
Come to think of it, he had practiced the method of how to make it bright as a countermeasure for night warfare, but he hadn’t thought of how to erase it.
He expressed a placid smile and replied.
「Hmph, if you call yourself an Adventurer, you need to be able to sleep even in bright areas.」
However, to be completely honest, even Diablo thought “It’s hard to sleep!”
──Damn you, rat!
He harbored a bloodlust like never before.
Rem lied down without looking like she minded.
「……I rather find it easier to sleep with it being so bright as there is no longer any fear of a night attack.」
「Eh~? It’s kinda dazzling, you know~?」
While grumbling that, Shera got down from the bed. Just like that, she headed towards the door.
Diablo reflexively asked a question.
「Where are you going?」
It couldn’t be that she ”had enough of this and was leaving”, right? That is what he started to worry about.
Shera’s cheeks blushed.
「The toilet.」
「I, I see. I allow it, go.」

Having gone out into the corridor alone, Shera screamed.

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