14 thoughts on “Chapter 9, Part 1

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  2. This got to be a first series where the elves are really royally f*cked up in the head!? Also, the way Shera said it, she the only elf with those massive plots and rest of the elf women are, ahem, smaller, way smaller.


  3. way too many sex puns in this and I said this in the novel translation but that brother is disgusting incestuous scum for wanting to rape his sister even though royalty in our times did the same thing although Europe usually stuck to cousins and I know it occurred in Asia as well but to what extent I’m uncertain


  4. Thanks for the chapter. Whitepod has a point, this manga lends itself to a lot of puns. Which was probably the point in order to attract people, but then you can’t really blame Whitepod for abusing it.


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