Chapter 18, Part 2

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 18, Part 2

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  2. Ok here you go, the nose is draw as if is looking to the sides(look for anime girl front and u will get what i tell u), i fell that the ears are a little to low(maybe is just me), the neck of the shirt could be draw so it curves around the neck(a suggestion but is not like is totally needed), that lose lock of hair to the right of the drawing could be draw so it incorporated better to the overall hair and the boobs are a little to low(is mostly just fixing the way the cloths folds around the boobs really).
    I fell like it is a good solid sketch with potential.
    Also did u make it a tablet or a mouse? (i think is made with a tablet but not sure) Cant really tell xD.
    If is indeed made with a mouse maybe you should consider paint tool sai it has a nice feature to bend the lines that had been draw and connect them better.

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  3. Nice chapter/translation! Thx, like allways! To the picture: a big fat !Th4nks!….I searched for it and found the manga/anime
    (RE: Zero…)….and damn that was a nice one!!!! I only can recommend it…nice Isekai-like-anime/manga. Go on…I cant wait
    to see some medium rare dragon meat.


    • Yeah. I’m working on 19.2 rn. If u missed it, 19.1 is already on other sites. The translator & I agreed to release em on other sites first cuz its the only way I could think of to counteract the ppl that release the wrong version on mangahere early. And I forgot to send Cyborg the 19.1 chapter after lol. But I’m very busy atm, dealing with 3 hoarders houses filled to the brim with crap from my dead relatives and a mom that won’t let us just throw away shit, she wants to keep it all cuz she’s a hoarder too. 😢 And she wants to keep it all in MY house cuz she already filled her house to the brim. Also they’re in cities 3 and 4 hours away, and she won’t let me hire us some help. My muscles are screaming from heavy shit. Anyway I’m most of the way thru 19.2 but who knows when I’ll finish it. Deff not planning to stop tho.


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