Chapter 18, Part 1

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 18, Part 1

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      • I see on the table of contents page that both chapters 19 and 20 have a place (though are currently unselectable). Are you going to release those all together or do they simply represent that the raws have been released and the chapters are being worked on?

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  2. I found this one and I read the manga in one rush. And I must say its an awesome one. The comments at the end are very funny.
    I cant wait to read more and the last post from whitepod gives me hope. Thank you for translation this manga. Hope it goes on
    with fun, action and lots of fanservice :3 !

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  3. I just want to say this translator is f*cking cancer… This manga is really good, but I’ll just drop it because I can’t stand these silly comments all over the chapter. Yeah, I know you’re translating this for free and you have the right decision to make this. But it’s really a shame that I’ll have to drop this just because of that. I just wish another group can pick this manga and make a more serious job, without these unnecessary cancerous silly comments.
    Have a good day.


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