Chapter 15, Part 1

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 15, Part 1

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  2. Thank for the tl, news, Hillary is a minion of Soros a (almost) real illuminaty lizard who tries to conquer the world, using ilegal immigrants to make countries in debt and buy them later, Merkel is a Soros minion too that’s why Europe is fucked


  3. Thanks! Nice one! Again!
    But is this not going on….or???
    And Merkel is evil, thats the reason we elected her!!!
    Thats the reason you all elected Trump!!!


      • yes, but im not a novel type….I love reincarnate/summoned mangas, maybe I have no fantasy and need some help with pics!
        A nice christmas present: how about…24 chapters (christmas on the 24th)!!! ;3
        sry, I know this is dumb, but i needed that.
        Well, I know I said it before, but keep up the good work! I love it.


  4. Hi there,
    I read all of it and can only say….amaziiing!!!! Cool story, nice (fan)art, funny comments and amazing translate. I love it….but saddddly there is no update. Can we hope for more pls or…….?????? I kind of go crazy without a new chapter!!!
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


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