Chapter 11, Part 1

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40 thoughts on “Chapter 11, Part 1

      • Whut the actual fuck i totally just ruined my own username with a autocorrect typo. Lol the “whore rod” comment was actually me😂

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      • Yeah lol i know all kindsa beans. Refried beans, black beans, tomato rice & beans, drunken beans, red beans, jumping beans, garbanzo beans, Jack & the bean stalk, frijoles, pinto beans, couscous, borracho, calico beans, bandito beans, green beans, coffee beans, hummus, Brown beans, hobo beans, cowpoking beans, funky beans, beans & wieners, bbq beans, beans relish, yankee beans, mustard beans, and the beans around yo anus when u wipe yo ass with crappy toilet paper.

        We gotta lotta Mexicans in Houston lmao. Beans galore.

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      • Oh, btw, Jack aint the only one with a big bean stalk. Shera has one too. It’s always upright & healthy. I dunno how it does that without sun tho, cuz it’s always covered under her dress & protected by big black bars by China’s internet censorship agency if she ever takes it out… But i guess all she has to do is look down, anytime any place, & the bean stalk will rise again.

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      • Hahahahaha I completely loled… refried beans xD

        BTW China’s censorship aint enough- North Korea’s is way “tight” xD yet I still can’t figure how do the manage to censor Mt. Everest. They’re so gigantic that it’s a sin to even try to censor those slimes. Probably many readers are rage quitting cus dey want to C dos beans xD


      • Bruh Lmfao i was so confused when i read yo comment at first… But then i realized i was confused cuz u were confused cuz u ain’t get my joke. I was saying she had a bean *stalk* keyword=stalk. I was calling her ass a futa & saying that when she looks down & sees the gianna Michaels on her chest her stalk gets big

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      • I see… That’s why, kids, you should learn to socialize or you’ll never understand a joke ever (lol)

        It seems I gotta get out more often…. Still I didnt get the joke (darn)


    • Who dafuq is that?? If they already said that name, me not remembering it is proof that i have like no memory allocation in my brain for niggas names. Sometimes I’m just like walkin cross campus n i see my BEST FRIEND n I’m just like “oh hey… Uhh… gurl!!” and then eventually the awkwardness passes again as we talk our asses inside out


    • “Make a sound point blank range right between his eyes”
      “Real killers don’t talk”
      “Freddy Kreuger”
      “Lemon squeeze on a hammer”
      Lol we have way more than enuf proof that this is talkin bout guns here. Lmao This is the reason i don’t ever go full hood talk in my comments. Cuz then nobody gon understand anything i say lol. I’m from the hood n back then this kinda hood talk was all i heard.

      I’ll do a piece by piece real nigga translation lmao:

      Ball: means both basketball & “doing hella well in life”

      Presidential style: means both “gotta lotta money (comes from the term “dead presidents” which means cash cuz bills have pics of dead presidents on em) and also means “like a boss”

      Beefing with me: fighting with me

      Cop a plea: beg u not to shoot, to cop is to buy, get, take, etc

      That ain’t g: that ain’t gangsta

      Catch u slippin: catch you doing dumb shit, like lying, talking shit about me behind my back, snitching on me about some illegal stuff i did (snitching is the gangsta way of saying “tattling on me” lol), etc

      Chopper: gun

      Spitting: shooting bullets

      Catch a nigga while he sleep: kill him while he asleep

      I ain’t talkin Freddy Kreuger when i say elm street: lmao i honestly got no fuggin idea what he meant by that. I don’t think there’s anything else you would think of when you talkin bout killing & elm street lol

      Keep a pistol with me like a nerd to a laptop: waka flocka keeps a gun with him at all times & he apparently thinks nerds keep they laptops with em all the time.

      Door all black: for some funky ass reason it’s a popular thing to say in rap now that everything u own is white or everything u own is black. I got no fuggin idea why dis nigga waka would be saying his whole door is all black. Lmao that ain’t even the whole car. That was like pure fuggin stupid.

      Better pray when i know not an answer: I’m pretty sure the lyrics site i got this from fucked this part up, i think it was actually “better pray THAT i know not an answer” meaning u better pray that i don’t find out that you doing something wrong behind my back

      Lemon squeeze on a rich nigga hammer: lemon squeeze is his funky ass metaphor for saying squeeze hard on the trigger of the hammer which means gun

      Blow yo Thoughts out let’s see what u remember: blow yo brains out with a bullet so we can “open up yo mind & look at yo thoughts”

      Real killers don’t talk: killers don’t talk to police at all, cuz anything and everything you say in a court of law can and will be used against you. Therefore anyone who’s guilty should just keep they mouth 100% shut, especially since if they lie they could probably be proved wrong and therefore look even more suspicious as a suspect. Also, even if they are put in jail or anything, another main idea of “killers don’t talk” is that they should NEVER mention any of the names of their accomplices that they did they illegal shit with. That’s snitching

      make a sound point blank range right between his eyes: shooting a gun makes a sound. Point blank range means like someone is Holding a loaded gun is right up against you ready to shoot.


  1. Thanks for the Update!!!
    i didn’t realize that the demon general looked like a little girl in the novel……. oh well i don’t really remember how he defeated her.
    and go Rimuru (i wish that i could take your place you lucky slime)


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