Starting Up Volume 7!

Yay, I’m back. Took me a little over a month (I think) but I’m back. And this time, I got through to the end of the volume! So I will immediately start doing everyday updates! Yay!

Now although I say I got through to the end of the volume, I did skip over a couple of parts that I didn’t get, was worried over my initial translation, or kind of skipped over just because I couldn’t think of the right words at the time. Ah, but that doesn’t really concern you guys, does it.

In any case, in this post, you guys are getting the color illustrations and all three parts of the prologue. Wow, three parts! is what you might be thinking but sadly it’s just because the first part is really short. So I am giving the second part as well due to the shortness of the first part and the third part to make up for donations. And speaking of donations, the third part is thanks to the donations of KaemB, Francis, Christopher, and Thomas. Thank you very much for your donations.

So here is what you guys have been waiting for. Enjoy.

Volume 7, Color Illustrations
Volume 7, Prologue, Part 1
Volume 7, Prologue, Part 2
Volume 7, Prologue, Part 3

Oh, and I’ll be taking down Volumes 2 and 3 tomorrow. Just to let you guys know. I probably should have taken down volume 2 a while ago. And I’m taking volume 3 down so that I don’t have to worry about it later.


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