Starting up Chapter 2 and More Manga

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Man, that was so cool. Those were actual knights. And not all of them were human! This place is so awesome.

Old man: I wish ye’d calm it down a bit, lad. Yer lookin’ a bit…No, really strange to the other people.

After making a quick trip to the Knight’s Questioning Station, Isekai Soul Cyborg and the Old Man are walking down the main street to go to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Huh? Am I not wearing pants again?

Old man: If ya weren’t, I don’t think the Knights would’ve let ya go.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: That’s true. Oh hey, what’s that over there?

Isekai Soul Cyborg walks over to a side store.

Old man: Haa. We’ll never get to the Adventurer’s Guild at this rate. I need him to get workin’ ta pay me back.

Sorano Koe: Haa. We really need some money. Otherwise, we won’t get a place to stay.

*Gyuuuu* (Stomach growling)

Sorano Koe: We won’t have anything to eat either.

Sorano Koe and Na-chan were walking down the main street searching for Isekai Soul Cyborg (Huh!? Still!?)

Sorano Koe: Yeah, still.

Na-chan: Na-chan questions why Sorano didn’t provide money for the start of the quest.

Sorano Koe: What do you think I am, a God? And if so, bow down and worship me!

Na-chan: Na-chan replies by saying, ‘Well, Sorano did provide these bodies’.

Sorano Koe: Yeah. And? It’s not like Gods give people everything that they need when they are born. And, this isn’t a novel where we got transported to a different world and given a new body and superpowers. Nor is it a game where you start off with a small amount of money. These bodies are brand-spanking new. Don’t have a cent on us. Just the clothes on our backs.

Na-chan: Na-chan questions why Sorano says that so proudly.

Sorano Koe: Because I’m hungry and I don’t like being in the wrong. Hmm?

Sorano Koe sees something in the distance (as if anything she’s done so far has been useful).

Sorano Koe: Hey! At least we’ve got bodies now. Anyway, look over there. It’s the Adventurer’s Guild.

Finally an update, yay! We’ve also got a new redrawer by the name of ZoneTM. Please give them a warm welcome.

LN: Chapter 2 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Manga: Ch. 14.1, Ch. 14.2


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  3. Welcome ZoneTM, where everything and everyone here is completely delirious and quite frankly, a nutjob.
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