Finally Finishing Vol. 3 Ch. 1

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: So Doc, where can I find these Guilds? And what kinds of other Guilds are there?

Dr. Reptilian: Well, the Magician’s Guild and the Adventurer’s Guild are near each other and down the road. There’s also the Merchant’s Guild, the Blacksmith’s Guild, the… Huh? Hey, where did he go?

The spot that Isekai Soul-Cyborg was at was suddenly empty.

Old man: He ran off once ya said where the Magician’s and Adventurer’s Guild were.

Dr. Reptilian: But he’s still only in the hospital’s patient gown.

Lady: Kyaaaah! A pervert!

A scream could be heard outside.

Old man: Yup, looks like other people ‘ave noticed that fact too. Haa. I’ll go get ‘im.

Hey guys. It’s been a while. Sorry, but I’ve been a bit drained from going back to school. Going to an 8-hour job, working 2-3 hours after work on Mon., Wed., and Fri., doing 3 online classes, and procrastinating for those classes isn’t all that fun. And I’m too lazy to fix that procrastination. And I’ll procrastinate on fixing that laziness. Well, whatever. That’s not what you’re here for. Here are the releases. Oh, I also have a new cleaner working with me and Whitepod, Devin~desu. Please give him a warm welcome.

LN: Ch. 1 Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Manga: Ch. 12.2, Ch. 13.1, Ch. 13.2


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