The End and the Beginning…of Vol. 2 and 3

Sorano Koe: Alright. Let’s cut the crap this time and do my character introduction.

Na-chan: Haa…Na-chan is alright with that.

Na-chan sighed, having grown tired of this dragged out joke.

Sorano Koe: You’re the one that dragged it out!

Sorano Koe was……

Sorano Koe: Hey! I said cut the crap!

The Author of this stuff had completely forgotten how he wanted to describe Sorano Koe.

Sorano Koe: OI!!! Don’t go blurting that kind of stuff out! I’m not even sure if that is still considered breaking the fourth wall or not!


The Author suddenly remembered. Sorano Koe was a beautiful, well-proportioned woman.

Sorano Koe: Damn straight I am.

Na-chan: ……Koe.

Na-chan looked at Sorano Koe with eyes of disbelief.

Sorano Koe: Wh-what?

Na-chan: Na-chan is questioning why Koe asked Na-chan why Na-chan chose to be a girl.

Sorano Koe: Of course I would. Especially since you took the form of a little girl.

Na-chan: Na-chan asks why Koe decided to be a “beautiful, well-proportioned woman”.

Sorano Koe: It was obviously to add a female character to this sad story.

Na-chan looked at Sorano Koe with dead looking eyes.

Na-chan: That was the lied reason that Na-chan said two posts ago.

Sorano Koe: Yeah. And I said that I would believe that. And the reason I believed that is because that was my reason.

Na-chan: Haa…

Na-chan started rubbing the temples of her head.

Sorano Koe: Anyway, keep on going with my introduction. All we know is that I’m a beautiful, well-proportioned woman.

Sorano Koe was a beautiful, well-proportioned woman. She had an hour glass figure that would make any man make a double take.

Sorano Koe: Fufun (^>^).

Sadly, Sorano Koe had no idea on how to properly use that body.

Sorano Koe: …Huh?

Although she had a great body, she was oddly lacking sex appeal.

Voice from Nowhere: HUH!?

Sorano Koe was so shocked from the narrative that she accidentally went back to being the Voice from Nowhere.

Voice from Nowhere: Ah!

Sorano Koe: Ahem. What do you mean by that!?

To make a reference, Sorano Koe is like Shishido Shiho from the manga “Jitsu wa Watashi wa” after being influenced by Shiragami Youko’s lack of sex appeal, or maybe worse.

Sorano Koe: Hey! Take that back! I totally have sex appeal. See!?



Sorano Koe: HEY! Do your job and describe the pose I just took!

The Narrator was at a loss as to how to describe how poor of an attempt at sex appeal that pose was.

Sorano Koe: …What? ……No……This can’t be……I…have no sex appeal despite this rocking body.

Sorano Koe had a great amount of confidence in the body that she created.

Sorano Koe: Please, enough. Enough of the character introduction.

Sadly, in contrast with that body, she seems to have forgotten about the personality that should go with it. 

Sorano Koe: Huh? What do you mean by that?

As one could see, throughout the previous posts, Sorano Koe had established herself as more of a tomboy character. Her lack of a delicacy stat, as described in the last post, greatly contributed to this. As such, Sorano Koe established that she had not much respect for the female body, causing a dysfunction and mismatch, resulting in the lack of sex appeal. While it may work for some characters in other stories, in this case, it was a failure. It is some what similar to how a young boy might find a woman attractive but doesn’t know why she is attractive. 

Sorano Koe: No way… I was just compared to a pre-pubescent boy.

And that concludes Sorano Koe’s long awaited character introduction.

Sorano Koe: orz

Hey there guys. Phew, I actually did forget how I really wanted to describe Sorano Koe there. Well anyway, I finally finished up the epilogue and afterword of Volume 2. And now we are heading straight into Volume 3. For Volume 3, there is the cover and color illustrations and the prologue. The color illustrations are NSFW so be careful. Enjoy.

Volume 2: Epilogue, Afterword

Volume 3: Color Illustrations (NSFW), Prologue Part 1, Prologue Part 2

Oh, and sorry, no manga updates yet. I’ve really been slacking. Plus, I’ve been really busy at work.


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