Volume 2 Chapter 3…That is all I have to say

Meanwhile, at the Demon King’s castle…

Sorano Koe: Hey, hold it, hold it, HOLD IT!

Na-chan: What is it now?

Na-chan said that in a tired sounding voice.

Sorano Koe: Don’t give me that! What about my introduction?

Na-chan: What about Koe’s introduction?

Na-chan said that while checking her fingernails while looking bored.

Sorano Koe: What do you mean!? I’m sure that the readers are dying to know what I look like. And what’s up with suddenly talking about the Demon King’s castle!? Is there really a Demon King’s castle!?

Na-chan: Na-chan doesn’t really think that the readers really care about what Koe looks like. So, Na-chan thought that it would be better to spice things up with introducing new characters.

Sorano Koe: What the hell!? Just by introducing me, you are already introducing a new character.

Na-chan: Hmph!

Na-chan turned away looking peeved.

Sorano Koe: Seriously, what is up with your attitude? Are you mad about something? Oh, did you mess up the configuration and make today “that” day?

Sorano Koe made a smug smile.

Na-chan: ?

Na-chan looked at Koe with a puzzled look.

Sorano Koe: You know, that time of the month, for girls.

Na-chan: !!!

Na-chan made a surprised face, then she became angry.

Na-chan: Did Koe forget to configure her delicacy stat? Na-chan thinks that was way too inappropriate!

Sorano Koe: Then what is it!? I mean, you look too young to be PMSing.

Na-chan: !!!!

This time, Na-chan was just at a loss for words at how rude Sorano Koe was.

Sorano Koe: Hey! What do you mean by rude!? I’m seriously trying to figure out your problem.

Na-chan: ……Haa.

Na-chan breathed a sigh and looked like she had just given up.

Na-chan: Na-chan is mad because of the name Koe gave her.

Sorano Koe: Huh? You mean you don’t like it?

Na-chan: It isn’t even a proper name! Na-chan’s name is just Narrator for short!

Sorano Koe: Well, I don’t really know the Japanese word for narrator.

Na-chan: Na-chan is now questioning Koe’s sanity. Why the fixation with it being similar to a Japanese description or word?

Sorano Koe: S-shut up! I-I’m just no good with making up names. It has to be, you know, punny.

Na-chan: ………

Na-chan looked at Koe with dead looking eyes for that joke (lame).

Sorano Koe: H-hey, that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? I mean, yeah, it wasn’t that funny but come on, give me a break. I’m tired from our journey, all right?

Na-chan made a puzzled look.

Na-chan: Why would Koe be tired? Na-chan and Koe came here as Narrator and Voice from Nowhere.

Sorano Koe: Even when I’m like that, I still get tired. I thought you knew that.

Na-chan: Why would Koe think that Na-chan would know that?

Sorano Koe: I mean, you’re the Narrator, right? Aren’t you like omniscient?

Na-chan: …Haa?

Na-chan really had no idea what Koe was talking about (What?).

Sorano Koe: Wait, you’re not omniscient?

Na-chan: What gave you the idea that Narrator was omniscient?

Sorano Koe: What do you mean? Isn’t the Narrator supposed to know everything that goes on in the story? I mean, you were talking about the Demon King’s castle at the beginning of this post.

Na-chan: That was something that Na-chan made up just to piss off Koe.

Na-chan stated that looking proud of it (Hell yeah).

Sorano Koe: Why you little. Wait, so you really don’t know where Isekai Soul-Cyborg is?

Na-chan: No, why would Koe think that? Why does Koe think the Narrator followed Voice from Nowhere in the first place if the Narrator knew where Isekai Soul-Cyborg was?

Sorano Koe: I thought you were just going along with the flow! I thought that this was for storytelling purposes. So wait, you mean this will all just focus on us since the Narrator is no longer around the actual main character!? You mean that we’ve become the main cast until we find Isekai Soul-Cyborg ourselves!? Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, whatdowedo, whatdowedo, whatdowe-


Na-chan slapped Koe in the face.

Sorano Koe: Ah, oh, thanks for tha-

Just as Sorano Koe was about to thank Na-chan, Koe saw that Na-chan had a very satisfied looking face. Na-chan clearly just wanted to slap Koe in the face (Ha, take that!).

Sorano Koe: Why you little!

Na-chan: Ah!

Sorano Koe grabbed Na-chan and started hitting her on the head (jerk!). Na-chan started to struggle.

Five minutes later…

Both Na-chan and Sorano Koe were looking worn out (Na-chan totally won though).

Sorano Koe: Hey, don’t give the readers false statements!

Na-chan: Ahem. Anyway, no need to worry. These posts will still feature Isekai Soul-Cyborg even if Na-chan and Koe don’t find him soon.

Sorano Koe: Hm? Why’s that?

Na-chan: Because another Narrator will take over.

Sorano Koe: Wait! There are multiple Narrators for a story!?

Na-chan: Na-chan just told Koe that the Narrator isn’t omniscient. How else would things all around the world where all things are happening at the same time be narrated? Plus, there are a countless number of stories in this world. Each one of them has their own narrator. Did Koe think that it was only one narrator doing all of that?

Sorano Koe: Well, yeah, pretty much.

Na-chan: …Racist.

Sorano Koe: Whoa whoa whoa, you guys are a race!?

Na-chan: What else would you call a group of similar beings?

Sorano Koe: I just now learned that there were multiple narrators in the world. How was I supposed to know you were a race. Though, I do kind of get it. I mean, there aren’t that many stories with a narrative as screwy as you.

Na-chan: Screw you.

Na-chan replied with that. Then she sighed (whatever).

Na-chan: Haa. Na-chan would like to put this all aside now. Na-chan is tired of it. Could Koe please just take out the device to locate Isekai Soul-Cyborg already?

Sorano Koe: Huh? Why would I have something like that?

Na-chan: Oh, then Na-chan asks that Koe use the ability to locate Isekai Soul-Cyborg.

Sorano Koe: Again, why would I have something like that?

Na-chan starts sweating a little (hold on a sec).

Na-chan: Koe isn’t omnipotent?

Sorano Koe: Haa!? Why would I be something like that!? If I were, do you think I would have gone on this journey!? You should know that!

Na-chan: Na-chan just told Koe that Na-chan isn’t omniscient!

Sorano Koe: And I’m telling you I’m not omnipotent! What gave you that idea!?

Na-chan: Being a voice from nowhere despite not being a Narrator, all the crazy stuff that Voice from Nowhere did to Isekai Soul-Cyborg, these bodies! All of that kind of points to omnipotence!

Sorano Koe: I just happened to be able to do all that! I don’t know why I’m a voice coming from nowhere! Do you know why you’re a Narrator? I bet you don’t. That’s like questioning the meaning of life! I just accepted that I was a voice! The stuff I did to Isekai Soul-Cyborg? I was just able to do that. Do you remember when you learned how to talk? It’s something like that! These bodies? I just happened to find it online! Being a voice, don’t you think I would jump for the chance to feel how a body is!?

Sorano Koe finally finished the speech (……).

Both Na-chan and Sorano Koe finally realized that they didn’t actually have a concrete way of finding Isekai Soul-Cyborg (uh-oh).

To be continued…


Sorano Koe: Ah! My introduction!

Whoops, I got kind of carried away with that. Kind of like how I got carried away with translating. Although it hasn’t been a month yet, I finished translating volume 2 chapter 3. It was only 6 parts, but that doesn’t change the fact that I finished it. Though, on the other hand, I didn’t make much progress with the manga. Hmm. Yup, that didn’t have any connection with it. I just didn’t really feel like translating the manga much at the time. So, sorry, I wasn’t able to catch up with the manga by this post like I said I would last time. Well, enough of that. Please enjoy the update. All that is left of volume 2 is the epilogue and the afterword.

Volume 2 Chapter 3 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


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  2. I thought I was reading the chapter, lol. I was like what the hell am I reading! Then I saw the parts at the bottom. I forgot the translator did this kind of stuff 😆


  3. After a while when I come back to read The story… then after reading your well whatever it is and it throws me the fuck off and I’m all what story am I reading again… you guys would make a good 4 koma


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