Finishing Up Vol. 2 Chapter 2 – Yay

After a while, Voice from Nowhere and the Narrator finished creating their characters. Two bright lights shined on the outskirts of the town and from those lights, two people came out.

First Person: Hmm…So this is how this body feels. How interesting.

Second Person: The Narrator was quite interested in the new point of view.

First Person: You know, you don’t have to talk like that anymore. Also, don’t call yourself the Narrator. We’re in disguise.

Narrator (In body): The Narrator asked Voice from Nowhere what they should call themselves.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): So you can’t fix that way of speaking, huh. …By the way, why do you look like that? Do you really want to have that appearance.

Narrator (In body): The appearance of the second person that came out was that of a little girl, with a randosell included.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): Oh, you don’t have to do your narrating job through the body. It’s kind of weird. Oh, and for you readers, the Narrator and I are having two different views. One is a first person view through the body, while the other is the view we had before going into the bodies. It’s kind of like playing a video game.

Voice from Nowhere went and broke the fourth wall.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): There you go. Now it’s not as weird. So, again, why do you look like that?

Narrator (In body): The Narrator became indignant and said that she asked what they should call themselves first.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): Whoa there. No need for the attitude. I got it, I got it. Sorry. True, it is getting pretty annoying having to put the “(In body)” thing in the name all the time.

Voice from Nowhere went and broke the fourth wall again.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): Hmm, let’s see. For you, since you have that appearance, and that way of speaking, how about Na-chan?

Narrator (In body): The Narrator asked if it was short for anything.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): It’s short for Narrator. Why do you ask?

Na-chan: Na-chan sighed from Voice from Nowhere’s lack of imagination.

Voice from Nowhere (In body): S-shut up! I’m not good with names to begin with! Ahem, anyway. As for me, I’ll be…Sorano Koe.

Na-chan stared at Koe with empty eyes.

Koe: W-what? Why are you looking at me like that? It describes pretty good doesn’t it? Sorano Koe is from “sora no koe” which is voice from the sky. Good, right?

Na-chan: Na-chan asks why Na-chan didn’t get a good name like that.

Koe: W-well, it, it just came to me. Besides, it fits your body, right? That reminds me, since I’ve given us names, now it’s your time to answer mine. Why do you have that kind of body?

Na-chan: Na-chan was still mad but decided to answer the question anyway. Na-chan asked Koe if she would believe Na-chan if Na-chan lied and said that it was to finally add a female character to this sad story.

Koe: I actually might believe that. But, you just said that was a lie. What’s the real reason?

Na-chan: Na-chan asked if Koe would believe Na-chan if Na-chan told the truth and said that the Narrator had always wanted to feel what it would be like to be a cute little kid while being conscious of it.

Koe: …That, I might not believe. Hmm? Wait, a cute little kid? Not a cute little girl? If that’s the case, then why didn’t you just make a shota character?

Na-chan: Na-chan decided to say that it was for the lied reason.

Koe: Come on, tell me the truth.

Na-chan: Na-chan hesitated. Na-chan then said that it was because the Narrator didn’t want to be looking at a guy the whole time.

Koe: Lolicon.

Na-chan became angry and started to childishly attack Koe. But Koe held her head and stopped Na-chan from getting close enough to hit like one of those old gag scenes (Pissed off).

Koe: Haha. Calm down. I was just joking. Still, even if you didn’t want to look at a guy the whole time, if you were a shota, you could have hit on girls in that body. And even if they didn’t take you seriously, they could have just thought of it as a cute little act by a cute little boy. They wouldn’t get too mad at you no matter what you did.

Na-chan: !!!

Na-chan finally realized the benefits of that and fell to the ground (orz). The atmosphere around Na-chan was gloomy.

And so, Na-chan was left alone to sulk about the decision that she messed up.

To be continued…

Koe: Hey! What about my character introduction!?

It was decided to be revealed next time due to this post getting too long.

Hey there guys. Here’s an update. I went and finished up Volume 2’s Chapter 2 and the second interlude. But I slacked off on the manga. Sorry about that. I’ll try to catch up for the next one. Well, enjoy.

Vol. 2, Ch. 2 – Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Interlude 2

Manga – Chapter 11.1


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    • Yeah, I agreed. You could make a story on characters like this, stalking on main characters + subs of the story while telling the story toward us readers? Like what happened on these characters’ adventure while trying to give us some storylines.


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