Quick update to wash out the nasty taste of the last update

Bringing the story back to the Voice from Nowhere and the Narrator,

Voice from Nowhere: Alright, now that we’ve arrived at the town, we need to find that little punk. I guess we’ll have to start asking around.

Narrator started to question how effective that would be if they didn’t have physical bodies.

Voice from Nowhere: Hmm, I guess you’re right. I would be pretty freaky if a voice just suddenly talked to you and no one was around, or if a random narration would suddenly be heard. *sigh* There no other way. I didn’t want to do this, but…

A sudden phosphorescence light appeared in mid-air. Then, from that light, two bodies appeared. They looked like mannequins, but with flesh (gross).

Voice from Nowhere: Alright, you get in one and I’ll get in the other.

The Narrator questioned why they looked like that. The mannequins didn’t have a face…or genitals.

Voice from Nowhere: Oh, don’t worry about that. Once you get in, you’ll be able to do a character customization just like in video games. Do what you want.

The Narrator gave off a vibe that seemed like it was jumping with joy.

Voice from Nowhere: Ahh, I see what you did there. You don’t want to say your gender yet. I get it. Well, let’s go ahead and surprise everyone. Next time.

And so, Voice from Nowhere and the Narrator went into the bodies and started their character customization.

Hey there guys. Seeing as how there were so many people that just hated that Elven Prince (and because most of the parts were short, but mostly that damned Elven Prince), I decided to hurry up and push myself to translate the next part. It should be much more enjoyable.

Also, it is now Manga0205’s turn to work on his translations so don’t expect any more any time soon.

Chapter 2 Part 5

P.S. One of the color illustrations is reflected in this part.


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