Too Bad, Not a Chapter

Hey guys, sorry this isn’t a chapter. Just doing this as a favor to my sister. She asked me to, I guess, advertise this video she made. Here:

As you can see from the title, it’s for a cover contest. And if you haven’t heard of Mamamoo, they are a four girl Korean group. I enjoy their songs as well, though not as much as my sister. Try checking them out. You might become a fan if you aren’t already. Might even start getting you into K-pop.

Not sure how this is going to work with the video being on the site, but the contest goes by the number of views, I think. Not sure if it requires you to go to the actual Youtube site. If you guys don’t mind, please go ahead and make a comment on the Youtube site and give my sister some feedback or whatever. She told me that the contest goes on until April 4.


Isekai Soul Cyborg: BUHAH! 

Isekai Soul Cyborg dramatically opened his eyes.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Ugh. Huh? What just happened?

Old man: Oh, Nii-chan, yer awake again.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Hey, old man, did anything happen to me while I was out?

Old man: Hn? Oh, now that ya mention it, ya were talkin’ about somethin’ in yer sleep. Somethin’ about a sister makin’ a video or somethin’. Heh, so ya got family somewhere.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Uh, no I don’t. The only ones I’ve interacted in this world are you, the Voice from Nowhere, and the Narrator. I don’t have a sister. Hmm. This might be the work of the other half of my soul that is in another world. Dammit. He was somehow able to hijack my body to do some advertising.

Old man: Voice from Nowhere? Narrator? Other half of yer soul? Oh boy, I really need ta get ya to that doctor. By the way, how are ya doin’?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: What the hell do you think? I’m being dragged by a motorcycle!

During this whole conversation, Isekai Soul Cyborg was still being dragged by the old man’s motorcycle. They were amazingly able to have the conversation in a casual manner.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: But man, we haven’t stopped since we got started. How much gasoline does this thing carry?

Old man: Gasoline? What the hell is that? Don’t you know anythin’ about motorcycles, or mechanized vehicles in general? They run on the power that is created within the body.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Ohh! So this thing is running on something like magical power!? I knew it, I really am in another world. One with magic!

Old man: Hoh, so ya do know about ’em. But, just to let ya know, this baby of mine is special. It doesn’t run on magical power.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Really!? That’s awesome!

Old man: Yeah, just thinkin’ about the sexy young ladies at the clubs… Whoo! We can keep on goin’ fer days!

Saying that, the old man got the motorcycle to abruptly speed up.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Wait, IT RUNS ON ERO-POWER!?

And so, Isekai Soul Cyborg and the old man continue their journey to the first town.



Voice from Nowhere: Were you able to do it?

Manga0205: Yup, I was able to connect and make my message. Thanks for that.

Voice from Nowhere: No problem. You two are of the same soul after all. Now then, do you mind telling me where they are?

Manga0205: Yeah, they went that way. They’re headed to the town in that direction.

Voice from Nowhere: Thanks. We suddenly found ourselves going in circles following the tracks.

Manga0205: It seems that the old man has a terrible sense of direction.

Voice from Nowhere: But there’s only one road!?

Manga0205: Yeah, I don’t get it either. Well, at least you can now just go directly to the town. Good luck tracking him down.

Voice from Nowhere: Thanks. Jeez, this is turning into a pain in the ass.

Manga0205: Just keep at it. You guys are having a journey. It makes me kind of jealous. Well, time to go, see ya.

And so, Manga0205 transferred out of this world (Bye).



15 thoughts on “Too Bad, Not a Chapter

  1. Your sisters’ good, and thanks for the heads up on the band. I’ll probably check their music out. Also, thanks for posting the further adventures of our wayward translator. I always get a kick out of translators’ short skits.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok first things first, your sister is hawt.(That was a compliment and I ain’t gonna make any moves mind you.)
    Secondly, she’s good and I hope she wins this. Gambatte!


  3. I only came here to share with you some bad news.

    I hereby declare that: “I shall not CLICK IT”

    But nevertheless keep up some hope… Hope dies last…


  4. youd realize her korean is very choppy and has an accent of an english speaker. The words are a bit forced in some places like the ‘jj-‘ and ‘kw-/gw-‘. though these are my nitpicking, it could be altered with more practicing of speaking the language without converting your sentence from another language first


  5. LOL the old man’s sense of direction reminds me of Ryoga’s from Ranma 1/2. That boy couldn’t find his own backyard without wandering around lost for a week .


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