Finally an update! Parts 3-6.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Ughhhhh…

???: Oi, oi! Nii-chan, wake up!

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Uggghhhh…

Isekai Soul Cyborg is groggily waking up.

???: Oh! Yer finally wakin’ up! Here, let me help.


Isekai Soul Cyborg: *drowning sounds*

Isekai Soul Cyborg got up from being splashed with a bucket of water.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: What the hell are you doing!? Are you trying to kill me!? Wait… Who the hell are you?

Isekai Soul Cyborg was angry from being woken up so abruptly in a rude manner, but when he calmed down, he realized that there was an old man standing in front of him.

Old man: I’m just a worker tha’ came ta do some maintenance on these buildin’s.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Wait, are you real?

Old man: Wow, tha’ must ‘ave been some blow to tha head I dealt ya. ‘Course I’m real.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: No, you can’t be real. The Voice from Nowhere told me that I was the only one around in this world. Hell, even this town that we’re in now doesn’t have any people. I did all of my shopping through these machines that work like the machine shops in various video games.

Old man: Voice from Nowhere? Now I’m sure there’s somethin’ wrong wit’ cha. Here, lemme take ya ta town.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: A town!? Wait, could it be, I’m in another world just like the novels!!?

Old man: Hoh, so yer a novel writer, are ya? I found it strange tha’ ya were writin’ somethin’ in yer sleep. Here, ya want what ya wrote?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: No, you can just leave that here. More importantly, I want to go and see this town. Mind taking me there?

Old man: ‘Course I’ll take ya there. We’ll find a doctor for ya and get ya checked out.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Great! Hopefully this is a fantasy world with dragons and stuff.

And so, the old man takes Isekai Soul Cyborg away.

A few hours later…

Voice from Nowhere: Damn it!? Where is he!?

Voice from Nowhere arrives at where Isekai Soul Cyborg and the old man were.

Voice from Nowhere: Hnn? What’s this? A translation? Great. At least that auto-translation program that I installed in him is still working. Still, what is this doing here? The program should only work while he’s a sleep. And it’s in the middle of the automated town. …Wait, today was the day that maintenance should have been done on the town! Don’t tell me that he met with the maintenance guy! Shit! He’s probably left the barrier. Damn it. Come on Narrator, we’re heading out into the world.

And so, Voice from Nowhere and Narrator head out in chase of Isekai Soul Cyborg.

Voice from Nowhere: …Don’t you find it a bit weird referring to yourself in the third person like that?

Yes, very.

…To be continued

Well now, this is very odd. I wasn’t planning for my single person comedy routine to end up turning out like this. Hopefully I don’t trip and fall on my face with this. Look forward to next time to see what happens to Isekai Soul Cyborg. …Yeah, I have to agree with the Narrator. Referring to myself in the third person like that is weird. Well, here are the long awaited chapter parts. And sorry about the delay. I’ve been really lazy with posting. The first two parts have been translated for awhile.

Also, to answer about the years problem in chapter 1, part 1, I mistranslated that. I copied it from the text wrong. I’ll fix it soon. The Demon King Enkvalos appeared in 134, defeated in 135, and is now 164. So it’s been near 30 years since its defeat.

Also, I’ve learned that the 〇 in the original text were not blanks to not display the number like how they are sometimes used to censor out words in other works. They were actually treated like zeros. And so, I will eventually change the past translations to fix this. So there will now be no “thirty-something” and such. Eventually. When I feel like getting to it.

And yes, the picture for part 6 is oddly placed. That’s where it was in the novel, and I don’t feel like changing it.

Alright. Enough of my rambling. Here is the translated stuff.

Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6




21 thoughts on “Finally an update! Parts 3-6.

  1. Don’t worry about the lareness,
    and your slapstick comedy is as genius as always😂
    And before i forget the most important thing of my reply:
    Thank you for your hard work with translating up till now,
    keep up the good work (and be lazy as much as you want, your still doing a great job)
    greetings from a nutcase from the netherlands


  2. ……………………………………………………………………………………….
    did he just went to RL?


  3. ⊂⊃     (⌒⌒)
      Thanks    ||||| 
       Nepu!! / ~~~ \  ⊂⊃
      ⊂⊃ /  ^ω ^ \  ⊂⊃


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