Isekai Maou – Update

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Hn~hnn~🎵

Isekai Soul Cyborg is smugly smiling while humming a tune (how gross and creepy).

Isekai Soul Cyborg: That was uncalled for, Narration!

Isekai Soul Cyborg yells out into the air looking like a crazy idiot out of context (LOL).

Isekai Soul Cyborg: That’s how it always is! I’m the only one here with a physical form!

Voice from Nowhere: Alright, calm down. So, what’s got you in such a great mood?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Take a guess. You’ll never figure it out.

Isekai Soul Cyborg makes a smug grin (someone needs to get off of his high, triangular horse).

Isekai Soul Cyborg: I’m not acting that proud! …Wait, why’d you say a triangular horse!? I’m not into that kind of stuff!

Voice from Nowhere: Suuure you’re not. Well anyway, getting back on topic, did you……finally come out of the closet and admit you’re gay?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Where the hell did you get that idea!? You’ve seen the porn I look at!

Voice from Nowhere: Yeah, I just wanted to say it. Then, umm……Did you finally get that plastic surgery for your face that you desperately need?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Are you indirectly calling me ugly!? And besides, you can see that my face hasn’t changed at all!

Voice from Nowhere: Who said anything about being indirect?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: That’s so mean!

Voice from Nowhere: Anyway, a new dog?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Nope.

Voice from Nowhere: A new hair cut?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Nope.

Voice from Nowhere: See some good porn?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Not why I’m happy this time.

Voice from Nowhere: Won the lottery?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Nope. If I did, you’d never see me again.

Voice from Nowhere: Finished up Volume 1 of Isekai Maou?

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Nope…Wait, what?

Voice from Nowhere: I said “Finished up Volume 1 of Isekai Maou?”

Isekai Soul Cyborg: What!? How did you know!?

Voice from Nowhere: I did an operation on you and implanted a mind reading device on you. Now I can tell what you’re thinking.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: That’s totally an invasion of privacy!

Voice from Nowhere: And what are you going to do about it? You’re the only inhabitant around here for miles and no one can get to you, but everyone can hear you scream.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Whoa, that is like really high up there on the creepy scale.

Voice from Nowhere: Depends on how you read the line.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Tsk, and here I thought I could surprise you.

Voice from Nowhere: Oh, you surprised me alright.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Really!?

Voice from Nowhere: Yeah, I’m surprised at how little progress you’ve made on the manga!

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Geh!? You figured that out!?

Voice from Nowhere: Of course I did! Are you stupid? I just told you that I can read your mind.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Jeez, are you ever happy with anything I do? I totally just finished up the volume that would have taken much longer if I didn’t finish it just recently but all you can think about is progress on the manga. And I bet if it was the manga that I finished up on, you would have asked for the light novel translation. There’s no pleasing you, is there?

Voice from Nowhere: Oh no, I’m pleased every time you finish something.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Really!?

Voice from Nowhere: Yes, because those are the times I can harass you.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Did you read that, readers? He admitted that he harasses me! And that he enjoys it!

Voice from Nowhere: So? There isn’t really anything that they can do about it. Well, anyway. Back to work you go.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Somebody, anybody, save me from this lunatic.

Voice from Nowhere: Like I said, no one can get to you, but everyone can hear you scream.

Isekai Soul Cyborg: Noooooo!

I somehow miraculously finished up chapter 3, the epilogue, and the afterword in one go. Though I still have to catch up with the manga. Sorry to those of you that were looking forward to the manga.

On another note, I decided to change the Martial Art, Sword’s Might to Sword Smite. A small change. I’ll change any previous instances later.

Here is the rest of Volume 1. Please enjoy.

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31 thoughts on “Isekai Maou – Update

  1. i shall support voice from nowhere, harass him moar to produce more chapters morely on ln though since this scum just love ln… muaahahaha!!!

    jk (40 percent joke, 60 percent meant) xD

    thank you very much ^-^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you very much for the updates.
    and frankly, with a lot of wn/ln being dropped here and there, I am just happy seeing this one is progressing.


  3. Don’t worry Cyborg. We appreciate your Christmas surprise.
    We’re gonna greedily hound for more, but we appreciate what we’ve got nonetheless.


  4. I was so happy when clicking “next” just wouldn’t stop. each time my heart paused when I thought the next chapter wouldn’t be there. thank you for the chapters


  5. Thanks for the release was wondering if your going to continue translating the manga as well?
    New raw chapters up on Jcafe.

    Would be an awesome xmas gift if you could release them as well, xD


  6. Thanks
    I just started reading is novel.
    I know you translators hate this question and all but do you have a schedule when will you start volume 2?
    Sorry this be the last time I will ask that. I just want to have a idea on the release dates here
    Thank you for you had work!


    • Sorry. I did have a schedule once long ago. Then I got lazy. Now it’s whenever I get something done and feel like making a post. Making posts like that is like waiting for inspiration to strike since I’m not the most creative person.


  7. jajajajajja XD estas bien loco isekai pero por eso te quiero XD :v y menos mal que existe el google traslator o si no T.T pero we me pregunto soy el unico de habla hispana que lo lee aqui?


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