Isekai Maou – LN and Manga Updates

Isekai Soul-Cyborg is crawling pathetically towards the door. He looks wretched and ragged.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Help me~!!

Voice from Nowhere: That’s my line! Stop trying to escape! This is the 108th time you’ve tried to. And Narrator, please don’t exaggerate like that. At most he’s only tattered. And he was wretched looking from the beginning.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Somebody, anybody!! Save me from these two!! They keep on making fun of me as I work!

Voice from Nowhere: What do you mean work? I’ve had to tell you to work more times than I can count! Heck, I had to get another minion since you were so lazy on working on the typesetting and cleaning of the manga.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Yeah, when you got them, I thought I’d be able to relax a bit. But no~. You made me work on the light novel translations!

Voice from Nowhere: Of course I would make you do that. You’re under my watch and I wasn’t going to let you be lazy as you waited for the manga to be finished.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: You could have at least let me take a break every once in a while.

Voice from Nowhere: I would have but you kept on trying to escape every time I caught you being lazy. Seriously, I didn’t know that it would be this tiring just trying to keep you on track.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Who wouldn’t want to escape when there’s a butterfly mask and a whip floating right behind you!? I still can’t properly imagine what you look like ever since you gave me that horrific mental image.

Voice from Nowhere: You think it’s easy for me? I have to keep looking at your ugly mug.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: See that, everyone? Voice just keeps on making fun of me! It’s very stressing. Who wouldn’t want to run away!? Oh, and just so you know, I’m not enough of a masochist to be liking this treatment.

Voice from Nowhere: You better not be! Otherwise, this would become extremely uncomfortable for me. I’m not into an ugly guy like you like that.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: See, there he goes again with insulting me!

Voice from Nowhere: I think of you more as a toy.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: I knew it. You are a sadist!

Voice from Nowhere: Wow. You are an idiot. I can’t believe it took you this long to realize this. Well, I’m getting tired of this. Get to releasing the updates already.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Someone, save me!

Isekai Soul-Cyborg starts crying as he says that (LOL).

Here are the updates:

Light novel: Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Manga: Chapter 4 Part 2, Chapter 5 Part 1


41 thoughts on “Isekai Maou – LN and Manga Updates

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  2. Poor Isekai Soul Cyborg… Good luck with the Dominatrix (i don’t want to imagine a sweaty muscular man in a butterfly mask torturing him). Thanks for the hard work!


  3. Thanks for the chapters! Looking forward to how he’ll probably wipe out a square kilometer with a medium level aoe attack or something.


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