Isekai Maou – Chapter 2, Parts 5, 6, and 7

Isekai Soul-Cyborg is sitting at his computer.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Phew. Got those done. Pretty good work if I do say so myself.

Voice from Nowhere: And you shouldn’t say that because that work took you too long to finish.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg got startled and jumped out of his chair and fell to the floor.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Ahhh! Geez, don’t just suddenly jump in when I’m talking to myself.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg has no friends (LOL).

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Shut up, Narrator!

Voice from Nowhere: Anyway, what have you gotten done with?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Right. I got parts 5, 6, and 7 of chapter 2 done. Pretty good, right?

Voice from Nowhere: Where’s the manga chapter?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Eh?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg starts sweating bullets.

Voice from Nowhere: The manga chapter. Where is it?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Ah, right, yeah, the manga chapter. Um. About that… Uhh…

Voice from Nowhere: You better not tell me that it isn’t done yet.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: We~ll. I only have about half of it done.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg cowers in fear behind his chair (wimp).

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: You would too if it were happening to you!

Voice from Nowhere: *sigh*. I knew it was too good to be true for you to actually do something right.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Huh? You’re not mad?

Voice from Nowhere: No, I’m seething with anger. It’s just because it’s around in full circle and skipped the part where I seem mad. Well then, for now, how about I kill you and send you to the Cathedral a couple of times.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Cathedral? What are you talking about? This isn’t a video game where you revive at the church and there isn’t a cathedral or a church around here for miles.

Voice from Nowhere: What are you talking about? There’s a model Cathedral right there on that table right there.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Huh? That? You mean that model that I built during these past few weeks?

The air in the room suddenly became tense and heavy.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Whoa. What the hell?

Voice from Nowhere: WHat? Do yOU mEaN bY tHAt? YoU ACtualLy waSTEd TImE dOIng SomEThiNg LiKE ThaT!?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg’s knees are trembling.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Oh crap.

*Crack* Suddenly a whip and a butterfly mask are floating in mid-air.

Voice from Nowhere: I hope you’re ready to get to work on that right now.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: What the hell!? You have inclinations to being a dominatrix!? Wait! You’re a woman!?

Voice from Nowhere: I don’t remember telling you my gender.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: But you don’t sound like one.

Voice from Nowhere: Of course I don’t. You’ve only read about my voice. And I don’t remember anything about saying anything about my voice or my gender.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: But you…

Voice from Nowhere: QUIET! I told you I don’t remember. If I did say something in the past about my voice or gender, it is invalid because I don’t remember saying it. Even now, I don’t admit my gender. Feel free to think I’m a beautiful, slender woman or a sweaty, muscular man in this butterfly mask.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Aww man. Why did you have to mention the man part? Now I have that image in my head. No. I have to think of a beautiful woman being the dominatrix. That will at least make this a little bit better.

Voice from Nowhere: Either way, I’m making you finish that manga chapter!

Here are the chapter parts. Enjoy.

Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


18 thoughts on “Isekai Maou – Chapter 2, Parts 5, 6, and 7

  1. Hahaha…. Good luck bro and hope fast recovery of your wounds ๐Ÿ™‚ im quite lucky got no woman here with that kind of hobby hahaha…..
    *Door opening*
    Ara ara~ And who says he’s the only one getting punished for not getting his work done, didnt i told you to finish your thesis before the deadline~ since your parents wont be home for a month there will be only YOU and I in this house now ~ How about you get ready for some whipping my cute student~ ~

    Ack!! SHIMATTA!! I forgot my oba-san professor is my neighbor(also my osananajimi’s oneechan)… got to escape now!!

    ”And who’s oba-san!? Im still 29! Dont bother to try to escape, i LOCK every door in this house so YOU are MINE now kukuku….. Be obedient stay where you are~


    ”*Sigh* and this boy didnt even say thank for the updates ๐Ÿ™‚
    i will add more punishments for the ingrateful boy”

    Anyone Help pleas#* ………….

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Where the next update? Where the next update? Where the next update whereeeee the next updateeeee? The waiting time is killing me >.< , it always stay at cliffhanger


  3. Also the possibility of being totally androgynous or a hermaphrodite as a futanari with butterfly mask …
    Thanks for the parts of chapters and wish you good luck with the possibilities with the masked >w<


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