End of Chapter 1 – Parts 13, 14, and 15

Isekai Soul-Cyborg takes a step out of a room and stares into the bright sunny sky.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Ahh~. I’m finally done with chapter 1. Feels great to get out and get some fresh air. ………Alright. That’s enough fresh air for a couple of weeks. Time to head back inside and play some video games and watch some anime. Thank god I’m not solar powered.

Voice in the Sky: Your welcome.

The area around Isekai Soul-Cyborg suddenly becomes wobbly and psychedelic.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Whoa~. What the hell is going on? I didn’t take any drugs. Uh-oh, there goes my lunch. *Blech*

Isekai Soul-Cyborg throws up.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: You didn’t need to narrate tha—*Blech*

Isekai Soul-Cyborg throws up again.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Whatever. But seriously, when is this going to stop?

The wobbly effect only happened for an instant but Isekai Soul-Cyborg felt like it happened for a couple of minutes (LOL).

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Alright. Who the hell is doing the narrations!? Come out here so I can kick your ass! It’s bad enough that I have to deal with a voice in the sky but now I have to deal with a narration that does and says terrible things to me and won’t face me directly.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg starts yelling out like an idiot in different directions while throwing punches like a wimp (LOL).

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: That does it! Photon Plasma Cannon, ENGAGE!




Isekai Soul-Cyborg yell out some nonsensical thing that he thinks is cool and is actually going to happen but in the end, nothing happens for five seconds and then he gets shocked (LOL).

Voice in the Sky: Haa~. What do you think you’re doing?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Huh? Where am I?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg recovers from being shocked and starts looking around. He realizes that he is not outside anymore. He sees that he’s in an office with a big desk and a huge chair that is facing away from him. Everything is in black and white for some reason. The room seemed to remind him of some old detective office scene or mafia boss scene for some reason (What a dumbass). He sees smoke rising from the other side of the chair. 

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Hey, what happened to the simple “LOL”!?

Voice in the Sky that is no longer in the sky: Glad to see that you’ve come.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: What do you mean that I’ve come!? I was practically forced to come here! Wait. Huh? Voice in the Sky that is no longer in the sky? What does that m—— No, it can’t be.

Voice in the Sky that is no longer in the sky: That’s right.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg hears the voice coming from the other side of the chair.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Can it be? I’ll finally get to see what you look like? Hell yeah!! Alright, come on! Turn that chair around and let me what’s behind chair number 1.

The chair slowly and dramatically starts turning. When the chair finally turned around completely, Isekai Soul-Cyborg was shocked (Dun-dun-duuunnnn).

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Wha!? Th-th-there’s……There’s……There’s only a floating lit cigar!!!! And it looks like a giant floating tu—


Isekai Soul-Cyborg got shocked before he could finish his sentence.

Voice at the Chair: Now then, I’m sure you know why I have called you here.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Don’t continue on like nothings wrong! Explain yourself. Why can’t I see you even though I can hear you!?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg recovers from being shocked and starts asking questions that has answers that his little tiny mind couldn’t possibly even begin to understand. But the Voice explains it to him anyway.

Voice at the Chair: Haa~. Alright. Here is goes…… You know how in anime and stuff, there are mythical creatures, aliens, superpowers and stuff, right?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Yeah.

Voice at the Chair: Among those things, there’s stuff like powers of invisibility, invisible men, technology that causes invisibility and stuff, right?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Yeah. Wait, could it be tha-

Voice at the Chair: I’ve got nothing do with any of that crap.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg comedically falls. 

Voice at the Chair: Well, anyway, the reason that I’ve summoned you is about you’re finishing of chapter 1.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Hey, you didn’t explain… Haa. Whatever. I wasn’t expecting much of an explanation anyway. Alright. So what is it about chapter 1? I finished it alright. Now I was going to go and goof off for a while.

Voice at the Chair: Yeah~, about that~. How about a “No, you can’t goof off”.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: What do you mean I can’t!?

Voice at the Chair: Well, there’s a couple of things. First, there are three parts here. What happened to the weekly updates? You’ve been slacking!

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: We~ll, I~…

Voice at the Chair: Second, what happened to the manga!?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Oh, that. I got the second part of the first chapter done. I just haven’t put it up yet. I’ll go ahead and add it with parts 13, 14, and 15.

Voice at the Chair: Third, where will the manga be found!?

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Ah, that. Umm. I’ll go and make a tab for that.

Voice at the Chair: Haa. You really are slacking. As punishment, you are to catch up on the translations for the manga. To be fair, you don’t have to worry about translating the second chapter yet.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Huh. That’s pretty lenient of y-

Voice at the Chair: You have a week.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Oh come on! That’s really short. How long do you think it took me for both parts of chapter 1.

Voice at the Chair: I don’t care. But fine. week and a half. Get to it! Goodbye.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Hey, wait a se-

As the chair started to turn back around, the area around Isekai Soul-Cyborg began to become wobbly again. The area that Isekai Soul-Cyborg appeared at was above a pile of garbage.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Huh? What do you mean by tha-AHHHH!!

Here are the chapter parts and part 2 of chapter 1 of the manga. Enjoy.

Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Chapter 1 Part 2 (Manga)


25 thoughts on “End of Chapter 1 – Parts 13, 14, and 15

  1. Seriously isekai soul cyborg, your slapstick comedy skits at every parts release are hilarious.
    You made my day 😂
    And thanks for both last parts of the novel and part 2 of the manga
    Groetjes uit nederland
    (That’s dutch for ‘greetings from holland’)
    Signed, a nutjob of a fan of your translating work


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