An Awesome Surprise!!! Worship Me!


Ku ku ku…

Ku ku ku ku ku ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

I’ve done it!!! I’ve actually done it!!!


Hmm… What happened? What’s got your panties in a bunch?

Don’t go making me sound like a pervert!!! Everyone should know that I’m a guy and that I don’t wear panties!!!

Argh, whatever. You’re not going to get me down today!




What the hell was that for!?

Just to try to get to you.


Haa. Whatever. So, what is it that you’re so happy about?

Ku ku ku. Clean out your ears and pay attention.

I have surpassed my other half!

Ohh. That’s a pretty big claim. What did you do? Wait, don’t tell me……You…Have you finally learned how to use the toilet on your own? I’m sorry. Manga0205 has already learned how to do that long ago. Please go and re-think your life and figure out how to become a bit more average than you are now.

What the hell!! I totally am potty trained! I have been for a long time! That only happened to wet myself that one time because you messed with my programming at the time.

Ha ha. It was really funny. So, what is it then?

Listen well, I have started translating Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu.




Haaa. Why didn’t I add a self-destruction button as well?

You didn’t let me finish! I only paused for dramatic effect. The finish to it is…

It’s the manga version!

Hou. That certainly is impressive.

Yup. And I did it all almost by myself.

Almost by yourself?

I got my sister to clear out the speech bubbles. Everything else was done by me!

Ha ha ha. I live up to the name better than manga0205 himself. I actually went and started translating a manga before him.

I see. Well, good luck with that.

What a small reaction! Pfft, whatever. Not like I did it for you.

Well, anyway. Readers, [here you go].

Sorry. This is my first time doing this kind of thing. So I’m not exactly sure about the best way to go about this.

Also, since this is my first time translating a manga, I apologize if it turned out terribly.

I didn’t tell anyone or have anyone take a look at it because I wanted it to be a complete surprise.

Well, anyway. Enjoy it and feel free to worship me! Ha ha ha!

Also, my thanks to mmm for bringing the manga to my attention. It made me want to translate it after seeing it.

During the time I was translating and typesetting the chapter, I was worried that someone else would pick it up before I finished.

I wanted to plant my flag into it before everyone else. All pioneer like and all.

Alright. Enough. Read it and get to worshiping.


46 thoughts on “An Awesome Surprise!!! Worship Me!

  1. Congrats for starting on a manga. I usually don’t like adaption since a lot of stuff is usually omitted or changed, but comparing it to the novel, its pretty close and better than I thought

    And if you need a cleaner I can help you. My redrawing skills are close to zero(never did more than erasing slight watermarks), but as long as it’s just Speechbubbles and Textboxes like in this chapter it’s fine. I could also try typesetting, shouldn’t be to hard(I think?)


    • Well it’s only the first chapter, still a good chance it’ll diverge soon. I often find that if a manga doesn’t follow the novel perfectly then the first one or two chapters match the LN almost exactly, likely to attract the novel fans, before going off on a tangent by the 5th.


  2. Thanks for the chapter, Soul-Cyborg.

    Btw. Iยดm pretty sure your other half would be able to release the next 10 chapters within 4 days if he were the one doing this manga.
    So since you claimed to be better than your other half you surely be able to release those 10 chapters withinjust 3 days,right?


  3. Thanks for picking up the manga adaptation a well. If you need an editor I’m usually available and have a good bit of experience. Just drop me an email (pretty sure you see that right? Lol) now if only someone would pick up death march and gun ota manga.


  4. Is it just me or does it seem to be kind of an abrupt end to a chapter..? Or is the manga split into parts of a chapter too?


    • That’s actually where I feel something like a connection with the manga. The chapters actually are initially released in parts. This part of chapter 1 was released on 6/24 while the second part was released on 7/8. The first part of chapter 2 was released on 7/22, just earlier this week. This manga is biweekly released on Wednesdays.


  5. Hi, i have find out that the manga of Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu has started, and i as a Spanish Reader i think that maybe i can re-translate the novel and the manga, because i want that this novel (and now manga) get a big impression in Spanish Readers, and here i am, i want to know if you give me the permisson to re-translate to Spanish this novel and the manga too, i am from Darm164 no Scan you can found us on FB with that name (i dont know if it’s possible that i can put the link of the Scan) and that’s all, thank you for read this and i hope that i get the permisson to re-translate ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hugh: I know we have different priorities when it comes to eating out, but I think you'd love everything about Meizra.Ldzlie: Yes the lunch is £26 according to the website and is the SAME MENU as the evening. Amazing.Katy: Sadly not ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least, I can't find it.Gregory: I guess it's possible – I always book under my own name – but from a look around the room I didn't get the impression the service we were getting was unusual. There were no discounts on the bill or anything like that for example.


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